The Basics – Here’s What You Need To Know

At Physical Living, we are eager to engage in thoughtful, civilized discussion, and we welcome any and all comments that are supportive, critical, dissenting, or otherwise. The Physical Living team reserves the right to edit or delete any comment for any reason whatsoever, without explanation.

To ensure that the discussion remains civil and on topic, we have established the following comment policy.

  1. Please use your real name and email address in the comment form.
  2. Please read the post and/or watch the video before you leave a comment about that content.
  3. Please keep your comment on the topic of discussion. Or, better yet, try to add to the discussion.
  4. Please be respectful.

Pretty simple, right?

This kind of thing shouldn’t be complicated. And for 99.9% of you, it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, it’s that last 0.1% of people that need a little more clarification, for one reason or another. And so, the following guidelines mostly pertain to them.

Beyond The Basics

Spam: Don’t do it. Just don’t. We have spam filters in place that detect the vast majority of spam comments automatically and delete them en masse. Those clever spam comments that make it through the cracks will be promptly deleted. If you repeatedly post spam, your IP address may be blacklisted from accessing Physical Living.

Links: Please only post links that are relevant and add to the discussion. For example, if you’d like to leave a comment on an article about home fitness, please refrain from posting a link to your favorite car insurance quotes, erectile dysfunction medication, or how you make $75/hour working from home.

Self-Promotion: Obvious attempts to promote your business, gain traffic or back links, and other types of self-promotion are not allowed.

Privacy: The name and the comment that you enter into the comment form fields, if approved, will become public. So, please do not share sensitive, personal information within your comments. Your email address is required, and will remain private. We will keep your email address confidential and will not use it to spam you. We may use it to contact you privately via email, usually to say “thanks” for your thoughtful, uplifting comment.

Comments That Will Rarely See The Light Of Day

We will almost always delete comments that…

  • don’t contain your real name or email address
  • are irrelevant, off-topic, or spam
  • are rude, derogatory, or insulting
  • are racist, obscene, or threatening
  • are defamatory or contain ad hominem attacks
  • are hateful or abusive
  • contain foul language (let’s keep it “family-friendly” folks)
  • contain keywords or your business name in the name field
  • contain promotions about and/or links back to your product, service, or latest venture (even a hint of promotional content will be deemed spam)

Note: this is not a comprehensive list, but I’m sure you get the idea.

We reserve the right to…

Let me put it this way. This is our home away from home. And if you want to be welcome here, you’re going to have to follow the rules. I wouldn’t tolerate certain behavior by guests in my home, and it’s the same thing here.

So, in case we aren’t being crystal clear, we reserve the right to…

  • Publish or delete your comment at any time, for any reason, whatsoever (i.e. at our discretion).
  • Edit your comment for reasons pursuant to this comment policy
  • Ban commenters who flagrantly or repeatedly violate our comment policy.

The Legal Stuff

  • All Rights Reserved: We reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam, any and all comments. We also reserve the right to block access to anyone from commenting, subscribing or otherwise accessing Physical Living.
  • Liability: By submitting a comment on our site, you agree that the comment is your own and that you take full responsibility for it. You also agree to hold Physical Living, and all subsidiaries and representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.
  • Copyright: If we receive notice from an authorized person that a comment is in violation of anyone’s copyrighted information, the comment will be deleted and the commenter may be blocked from posting comments in the future.
  • Trackbacks Are Comments: All trackbacks will be treated in accordance with our Comment Policy.

What To Do If Your Comment Doesn’t Show Up

Physical Living uses Anti-Spam filtering services, which work on auto-pilot. So, if you notice that your comment was submitted, but has not been published, it may have been erroneously flagged as spam. So, if your comment does not appear on the site within a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate this Comment Policy, please contact us and we’ll do the best we can to to get to the bottom of it.

The Bottom Line

If you’d like to participate in the discussions here at Physical Living, please be respectful of our community and think before you post. Again, this is common sense for 99.9% of you. Thank you!