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The best way to get in touch with me is via email using the contact form below. I personally read all of the emails I receive, but please note that due to the large volume of messages I receive and the constant war I’m fighting with time – not to mention that it’s still a one-man show over here – a reply may not be prompt. I also make it a point to unplug my Central Nervous System from my computer’s USB connection and get away from technology once in awhile (e.g. weekends, holidays, vacations, etc.). So, thank you for your patience if I can’t manage to get you an immediate response.

Also, there are some cases where a reply may not come at all, depending on the nature of the email. And so I respectfully request that you DO NOT contact me about guest posts, advertising, business proposals, or requests to promote your website, product, service, book, blogpost, etc. And if you do anyway, then let’s just say that it had better be good. Finally, I respectfully request that you please DO NOT use this form to request personal training advice because I simply don’t have the capacity to provide you with the individualized help you need and deserve.

All other questions, comments, and feedback is more than welcome, of course, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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