Exclusive Interview with John's Coach, Scott Sonnon – the creator of the Circular Strength Training system (Part 2)

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Scott Sonnon - the inventor of the Clubbell and the creator of Prasara Yoga
Scott Sonnon - the inventor of the Clubbell and the creator of Prasara Yoga

Part 1 of this interview can be found on this page.

Of all the fitness professionals I have drawn my philosophy from, Scott Sonnon, is one of the most influential on my life. I have taken more useful information from this man than probably any other coach – including information meant for more than just physical living. I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott a second time today, and I think this is the single most enjoyable interview I have ever listened in on.

Scott Sonnon has a revolutionary way of sharing his health-first fitness viewpoints, and I guarantee that you’ll learn something new by listening in on this call. Some of the key points we covered include:

– The unique nature of swinging weights (like clubbells) and how it can complement your current weightlifting program

– How the clubbell is a total body strength training tool, essentially becoming an extension of the body that enables its user to train movements holistically, rather than muscles individually.

– The upward spiral of sophisticating movement that directs and advances bodyweight exercise into biomechanical exercise.

– How to find balance throughout your body, prevent common yet needless pain and injuries, and reach movement mastery through the unique approach offered by the Prasara Yoga modality.

– How to integrate the 3 Wings of CST into a comprehensive training program that works in harmony to maximize performance and minimize injury.

– How to get started with CST Today!

John Sifferman Interviews Scott Sonnon (Part 2, 67 Minutes in Length)

I want to thank Scott again for doing this interview.  It is always an honor to learn from him, and I hope you were challenged and pursue some of the things we talked about.

Here are some ways you can get started with CST today:

Prasara Yoga Introductory Package – Book here, Instructional DVD here.

Joint Mobility Training Package (more info about mobility training on my site here)

Clubbell Quick-Start Training Packages can be found halfway down this page (you can find more info about clubbells on Scott’s official site here http://clubbell.tv.com)

As always, if you have any questions about what was discussed on the call, how to get started, or about the products themselves, please leave a comment below or use the Contact page above.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and CST Student

P.S. For more information about clubbell training and prasara yoga, I recommend Scott Sonnon’s programs The Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training and his book Prasara Yoga.

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  2. scott Sonnen PART 2 interview
    Absolutely great stuff
    I am very grateful that you make this
    available FOR FREE to the PUBLIC

    I have much of Scott’s material and trying
    to get deeper into the ” practice”

    Josh AGE 65 in Nevada

  3. I am in love with this training. I am in the health
    and fitness industry and want to bring this to the people
    of Melbourne Australia . Is there more ?? Cirtification?
    Thank you

    • Hi Bianca,

      Yes, a lot more – and I believe there are some CST Head Coaches in Australia, too. Look up the Flow Academy.

  4. On Tuesday I did rock climbing, GMB Rings One http://goo.gl/0y0sI, bench presses. Yesterday I had three workouts – kettlebells http://goo.gl/ndFGI, swimming, GMB Rings One. Way too much for almost 50 years man. Got extremely tired, sore shoulders… This morning I forced myself to get up and perform CST Group eXercise workout (clubbells). And it’s like to be born afresh again. Pain disappeared, feel lightly and pleasantly tired. Thank you for a great rehabilitation tool, Scott!

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