Healthy "Burn the Fat" Recipe from Tom Venuto: Beefy Spanish Rice – which gets the "kitchen dummy" seal of approval

My wife and I decided to document the steps it takes to prepare one of Tom Venuto’s famous “burn the fat,” fat loss recipes. Tom is famous for using fat burning foods in all of his meals, and he has created a collection of recipes that include only fat burning foods that are easy to prepare and quite tasty.  Have a look:

Tom Venuto’s Bodybuilding/Fat Loss Recipe: Beefy Spanish Rice

I am a contributor and forum moderator at Tom’s website at the Burn The Fat: Inner Circle, which is the Internets premiere fat loss support community.  Inside this site, you can find dozens of “burn the fat” recipes like the one above.  These recipes are packed with nutrition and I think all of them must pass the “kitchen dummy” seal of approval – anyone can make these recipes.

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