How a Professional Fitness Product Review can Increase Your Sales & Build Your Business

If you want to boost your sales, increase your brand awareness, secure more customers, and get valuable feedback to improve your fitness product or service, you’ve come to the right place.

male silhouetteMy name is John Sifferman, and I’m a fitness professional who has built a reputation as one of the best fitness product reviewers on the Internet. On this page, I will explain why I may be the perfect candidate to review one of your fitness, exercise, or training-related products or services. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Here are three ways that I can help you:

1) I can get you more brand awareness, more loyal customers, and more sales by publishing a professional product review.

2) I can partner with you for a special promotional event, a product launch, or to build your affiliate program.

3) I can provide you with valuable insider information and feedback about your product or service from the perspective of both a customer (i.e. end-user) and as a fitness professional (i.e. expert).

Notes: Since I value old-fashioned things like honesty and integrity, among others, I do not provide paid endorsements. My opinion and my word cannot be bought. So, don’t ask. Also, you can view a list of my professional credentials and relevant certifications on the About page, if you’re interested.

Why me?

I write darn good reviews that turn skeptics into loyal customers.

My fitness product reviews are some of the best in the industry. So, if you send me something to review and I love it, you will get a very thorough, enthusiastic review that will be seen by a lot of people. After doing this for so long, I’ve gotten my system down to a science.

My fine-tuned formula works so well because my reviews are both honest and comprehensive, and most importantly, I put the needs of the customer first. This usually works out best for you and I, too.

You see, people are looking for a trustworthy, third party perspective from someone they can relate to. And that’s one of the reasons why my reviews work so well: my readers trust me. Plus, they can usually relate to me, too. I’m not some fitness celebrity or guru. I’m just a normal guy who has worked in the fitness industry since 2006, which puts me in a unique position for reviewing your products and services because I not only have a lot of experience as an “end-user,” but also as a fitness expert.

So, if I put together a review for you, you can count on it being objective, honest, thorough, well-researched, enthusiastic, and as unbiased as I can manage. And, of course, it’ll be chock-full of Siffer-style, which you’ll have to see for yourself.

Note: For those who keep track of such things, my sales conversion rates (i.e. on referred affiliate sales from my product reviews) usually fall between 10-25%, depending on the product (proof can be provided, upon request). In other words, between 1/10 and 1/4 of all people who read my reviews end up buying the product. Numbers like that are unheard of in the world of affiliate marketing. And it’s because my readers know that I’ve got their back.

I’m a super-affiliate who can sell a lot of products.

I have several websites, blogs, and email newsletters, along with a Youtube channel and social media pages that I regularly promote my product reviews on (whenever relevant to my audience). So, not only will you get a premium product review that will boost your sales, increase brand awareness, and provide social proof and marketing materials for the future, I may offer to actively promote your product as well.

I am eager to work with clients that provide a valuable product or service to the fitness community. So, this is just a little perk of working with me.

Even with my small – but loyal – following, I have been known to refer sales by the dozens or even hundreds during special promotions and product launches. And most of my reviews result in at least a handful of sales each month for years on end (proof can be provided, upon request).

At one point, I was the number one, top affiliate for RMAX International (who knows, maybe I still am!). And oftentimes, a tiny promotion on my end can result in thousands of dollars in referred sales (e.g. like the time I created this kettlebell buyers guide, which took me less than a day to setup, and has referred over 20k in sales for since).

So, if you’d like someone who can not only provide you with insider information and feedback to improve your product/service, but can actually move some serious product and build your business, please get in touch.

I’m business savvy and understand your needs as a vendor.

I have been self-employed since I was 18 years old and have run multiple businesses of my own since then. I was also the affiliate marketing director for a very successful fitness business for seven years (I worked with Tom Venuto at from 2007-2013, and still do some consulting for him to this day). Plus, I have done consulting as a marketing expert and sales copywriter since 2007. I am also the owner and author of The Pull-up Solution, which is a digital information product on pull-up training. Not to mention that I’ve run this blog since 2008, where I’ve published hundreds of articles and dozens of product reviews.

So, I know what it takes to build a business, and market and sell products and services, among other things.

In other words…

I know what I’m doing.

This is the real reason I get hired for these projects so often.

I published my first fitness product review in 2001, when I was in high school. It is probably the worst review I’ve ever written (you can click here to read it, if you’re a sucker for punishment!). And yet, it is still the 2nd most helpful review on the sales page for that book – all these years later. Fortunately, my writing has improved considerably since then. And now, I’ve published dozens of fitness product reviews on my websites, Youtube channel, and all across the web (e.g.

Somehow, doing this has made me an authority in the “fitness reviews” realm, with a reputation for being brutally honest throughout my extremely thorough and (mostly) unbiased product reviews. And nowadays, I usually receive requests to review various fitness products and services on a daily basis, most of which I have to turn down, unfortunately.

So, this has become something between a hobby and a part-time job for me, and I take it very seriously. Thus, this page!

So, if you’re looking for a high quality review from someone with a proven track record who will work with you to help you build your business, I’m your man.

mission impossible zipline cartoon


shane heins

“It is not often that I find myself at a loss for words. But here, John Sifferman of Physical Living for whom I have immense respect for, has managed it… You see, outside of John being a good friend of mine, he is a fitness professional that truly stands out. He has established with Physical Living, a standard of integrity and honesty, that the ever growing community around him has come to truly value. I go to HIS reviews when I want to learn more about a product and find out what it’s really like. Because John pull’s no punches, whether you’re a friend or not… And John, Thank you for your sincerity, your genuineness and your passion. In all that you do. Hit me at the heart bro.” (Source)

-Shane Heins – Founder of

Tom Venuto

“That, sir, is the most honest review of a Clickbank product in Internet history.” – Tom Venuto, author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and one of the most respected people in the health and fitness industry

“As always, spot on John. Scott [Sonnon] once told me that what he truly liked about you, among many things is that you don’t blow smoke up his ass, that you are downright honest and business-like with you in-depth review…One other thing; you are a great writer! Do you have a background in creative writing, or just saying what you say well?” (Source)

“Damn, John, you didn’t just nudge me off the proverbial fence. You catapulted me and I’ve landed beyond the goal line.” (Source)

“I was going to get this product no matter what, John (you’ve pushed me off the fence-sitting a number of times in the past; not this time. I was already in the field). But, I always pay you the respect you deserve and see what you have to say. Plus, as in previous purchases, I will go through your blog.” ()

“John, I always appreciate your honesty and critical, yet fair mind. And you walk the walk with your training. That’s to be commendable. You along with many CST coaches are an asset to the greater CST world. Thank You!” ()

-Kevin Dougherty

I get messages like this all the time…

fitness product review testimonial 2


fitness product reviews testimonial

And here is just a sampling of the positive feedback I’ve received on some of my review pages…

john sifferman - product review testimonials screenshot

My Reviews Get Ranked Very Well in Google

As you can see, my fitness product reviews usually get very high search engine rankings (e.g. first page results for my target keywords are typical), which means more exposure and sales for you…

Summary: First page results are typical and expected for my primary keywords. Results in the top five are common. And oftentimes, I land the number one spot in Google for niche products. See for yourself in the video below…

I attribute my success in the search engines to the fact that I write honest, unbiased, and extremely helpful product reviews that actually help people figure out if the product is right for them. In other words, I create relevant content, and search engines tend to like things like that.

Disclaimer: I can make no guarantees or give any assurances about search engine rankings, potential traffic, sales, etc.

Samples of my Work

So, you’re probably wondering what’s so good about my fitness product reviews? Well, see for yourself. Here are a few samples of my work:

1) The Complete Clubbell Review (blogpost w/ article & videos) – This review has been in the #1 spot in Google for my primary keyword (i.e. clubbell review) for several years now. It has gotten a lot of traffic and I’ve referred a ton of clubbell sales because of it. This is an example of a fairly exhaustive review that took a lot of time, planning, and effort to pull off – and that paid off wonderfully for both the vendor and the affiliate (i.e. me).

Note: you can see another example of an article/video review here: The Lebert Equalizer – Complete Review.

2) Six Pack Shortcuts – Complete Review (dedicated review site) – This has been called “the most honest fitness product review on the internet,” and for good reason! This one took months to research, compile, and write. The result: one of the most comprehensive reviews I have ever written. I’ve had a solid first page ranking in Google for the last couple of years, which is quite the accomplishment for a mainstream fitness program that has thousands of affiliates vying for those coveted top spots. It continues to get great traffic daily, frequent comments, and even regular social media shares. (Serious question: who shares a product review on social media? People who are ecstatic about that product review. That’s who!)

Note: you can see another example of a dedicated review site here: TACFIT Commando Review Site.

3) Door frame pull up bar review (informal Youtube video) – This is just a short informal review I filmed about a common pull-up bar that has gotten nearly a half million views. I have referred thousands of sales from that one review video. The best part: it only took me a few minutes to film.

Note: you can see another example of an informal Youtube review video here: Stamina PT 1690 Pull-up Bar Review.

4) 14 Kettlebells Compared: The Complete Kettlebell Review (product comparison review) – I compared 14 different kettlebells from 9 different brands who provided me with free product samples for this epic product review that has sold a lot of kettlebells!

Note: if you’d like some more samples of my work, you can click here to check out dozens of other fitness product reviews in my Product Review Archive.

Who I’m Eager To Do Business With:

I am most interested in working with reputable companies who stand behind their product and offer something useful to the health/fitness/weight loss/training market.

Here are the types of products and services I’m most interested in reviewing:

  • Fitness programs (e.g. P90X, TACFIT, etc.)
  • Exercise equipment (e.g. pull-up bars, kettlebells, etc.)
  • New books, videos, and other educational materials on fitness, nutrition, healthy living, etc.
  • Fitness Seminars, Conferences, and Certifications*

*Yes, I have even been hired to conduct reviews for fitness workshops, seminars, and certifications. And I’m pleased to report that so far, each client has taken good care of me!

Note: I very rarely review diet programs and I do NOT review supplements. Don’t even ask.

A few more things you should know before you contact me
(the fine print)

If you sell fitness equipment, books, programs, or services and you would like me to evaluate them for you, either for testing and evaluation purposes or for marketing and promotional purposes, please read the following prior to submitting your proposal.

1) I retain full rights over the content and format of my product reviews.

You’d think I wouldn’t have to say this, but I’ve faced more than one occasion where I’ve had to remind a vendor that they cannot influence me or my reviews in any way. That’s a standard operating procedure for third-party product reviews. And it’s a mandatory requirement for me.

2) I do my due diligence. So, my reviews can take awhile to compile. I take as long as I feel is necessary to evaluate a product prior to publishing a review. This could be weeks or months. I have even spent years evaluating some products before posting a review. I’m just not comfortable putting my name behind something until I have thoroughly evaluated it. Plus, I usually have a few product reviews in the works. So, you’ll have to get in line. Your patience is appreciated!

3) Sending me products and services does come with some risks. For starters, you risk that I won’t like the product and choose not to post a review. So, you could lose your initial investment (e.g. cost of the product and shipping), which would be much better than receiving negative press from a bad review.

Note: I do the best I can to pre-screen the products I accept in order to avoid this (i.e. I only accept products that I think I will like), but a few bad apples have slipped through the cracks.

Also, in some very rare cases, I may choose to post a negative review of a product. I’m not in the business of badmouthing products, people, or companies. But if I feel that the general public needs and/or deserves to know the truth about a certain product, I may feel compelled to publish a negative review, in as professional and respectful manner as I can. I’ve only done this twice, to my memory, and you can click here for an example.

4) Sometimes, I request a payment in exchange for a review.

I may request payment in some of the following situations:

  • If the review will require a significant time investment.
  • If you don’t have an affiliate program.
  • If you request an unpublished review (e.g. for “testing and evaluation” purposes)

Note: If I request a payment in exchange for a review, your payment does not guarantee a positive review or even a public review. It only guarantees that I will actually review the product. This is a payment for a service. And again, I do not provide paid endorsements.

5) I receive offers like this on a daily basis.

99% of them don’t see the light of day. So, if you have something you’d like me to review, your offer had better be good. You could start by using my name in your pitch email and researching me and my work prior to submitting your proposal.

Now, if all of that is A-OK with you, feel free to pitch me your idea using the Contact Form below. Thank you for your interest!

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