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OK, technically I’m supposed to get a blogpost published by midnight every Thursday. I’ve made a deal with an accountability partner of mine that I would commit to one blogpost per week… or else (more on that next week). This update has been in my queue to publish for awhile.

Some updates about what’s going on in the world of Physical Living…

1) There was a LONG interim between my last two newsletters. I wanted to apologize in case you didn’t get the last email message. My schedule has been the busiest it ever has, and I couldn’t justify sending out a newsletter if I’ve barely published any blogposts recently. To make up for the delay, I’ve been compiling a special report for the past couple weeks that I’ll be sending all my subscribers in next weeks newsletter. If you’re not a newsletter subscriber yet, you can signup using the form in the right sidebar, or here.

2) My contact form was not working for a couple months. Apparently, it was either not receiving emails at all, or it was directing them to my spam folder. Again, sorry – I’ve been so busy I had hardly realized it wasn’t working properly. The problem is fixed now. If you ever send me a message and I don’t reply within 48 hours, please leave a comment indicating so. WordPress plugins are finicky and don’t always work.

3) On your right, you’ll notice a new Flattr button. If you’re not familiar with Flattr, then check out this video that explains the concept:

I have been Flattring for a few months now. I love the idea and I hope it takes off (seems as though it’s more popular in Europe than elsewhere). And of course, if you feel compelled, feel free to offer a small donation via Flattr.

4) There are now two ways to get daily updates on Please see the Physical Living Facebook Page and my Twitter Profile if you’d like to receive updates for blogposts and other things that I think you may find interesting.

5) You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

6) Last, but not least… my wife and I are expecting our first child sometime soon, and whenever that happens, I’m going to disappear for at least two weeks. So, in case I don’t post between now and then, have a great couple of weeks!

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