How To Achieve Goals: John Sifferman interviews Strength Coach Kyle Battis about how to follow through on your goals (Part 1 of 3)

Now that you have some great goals in place, how do you achieve them? There are many strategies specifically for how to achieve goals, and I just grilled Strength Coach Kyle Battis all about it in this 3-part video interview.

How to Achieve Goals (Part 1 of 3)

Modeling other people and having your goals written down where you will see them everyday are two of the most effective strategies for actually following through on what you want to accomplish. If you’re not doing either of these yet, I strongly encourage you to at least find a 3X5 card and write down your goals in the present tense – as if you have already achieved them and are enjoying your success.

“I am so happy now that I am _______________________________.”

Your Question of the Day is: do you try to model other people, too? Please post your comments by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom.

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