How to Avoid Falling Off The Wagon And Failing Your Fitness Programs

A couple weeks ago, I got on the phone with by buddy Shane Heins and we talked training for a bit, and recorded the whole thing to share with you guys (click here for our first podcast). Much to our surprise it was a hit! Who’d have thunk that anyone in this world would actually enjoy listening to a couple knuckleheads like us. It’s completely beyond me, but we’re both humbled by the interest and loved the discussion that came about from it!

So, if anything, I’m sorry it’s taken us so long to do another one. Shane will try to convince you that he’s the busy one, but I’m the guy who really has no time on my hands. (ok OK, you got me! We’ll make more time for these… especially me.)

So, without (much) further adieu, what follows is the raw, unedited conversation that happened when two fitness coaches got on the phone together to talk training and life.

Today’s topic: why people fail in their fitness program, diet, or other lifestyle endeavor (and what to do about it).

Note: we did go over our self-imposed 20 minute time limit. But rather than speed up the audio and make all of Shane’s clips sound like a Canadian version of the Chipmunks, I just left it as is. It’s easier for me that way, too. And that’s important because we probably wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t easy. Just being honest.

John and Shane Pow-Wow

*Mp3 audio file, approximate length is 27 minutes

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4 Responses

  1. John,

    I’m enjoying the conversation. If you want to tweak you sound files check out audacity it’s free and it works quite well. Truncate Silence shortens the length by compressing the pauses, not speeding up the file. Amplify might help with some of the gain issues. There’s a whole slew of tools that are quite useful.

    Thanks to you and Shane for sharing the POVs and info.


  2. I enjoyed this discussion. Thanks Guys.

    Perhaps the next discussion could be on the methods that you guys find to be the most effective for settings and following through with your goals.

  3. Thank you so much for all the wisdom and information!

  4. Thanks a lot for all the info!

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