How to Get Abs: 5 Low-Cost Tools For Getting Ripped Abs

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If you want a good laugh, take a peek through the “Ab and Core Toners” section of (in the Sports and Outdoors Department).


They’ve got ab rockers, ab rollers, ab gliders, and ab strollers. There’s ab rockets, ab coasters, ab carvers, and ab wheelers. They’ve got ab toners, twisters, and trainers, too! And don’t forget about the belly burners, muscle toners, and various sculpting tools.

And just in case that isn’t enough for your abs, you can also get a variety of vibrating belts, ab toning gel pads, and even massaging hula hoops with built-in magnets.

And that’s just a handful of the things I noticed on the first page in that department. And there were EIGHTEEN more pages of this stuff!

Obviously, a lot of people are interested in getting ripped abs and “toning” their core. And if they’re shopping at Walmart, then they’re probably on a pretty tight budget. So, I thought, “why not whip up my own list of inexpensive resources for getting great abs?”

So, here are some excellent tools and resources for getting great abs on the cheap…

1) A floor – not only can any perfectly-good floor be used for standing, sitting, or lying down upon, but you can also perform a variety of bodyweight exercises that are excellent for training the abs and core (e.g. planks). And the best part is that if you don’t have a floor available to you, ground makes for a great substitution.

2) Lettuce – low in calories and high in nutrients, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables are an invaluable resource for getting six pack abs. These are often used in “salads” and can actually be found in your local grocery store.

3) Water – not only does it support life, it is also hydrating, improves your health, and doesn’t contain any of those good-for-nothin’ calories. Plus, it’s abundantly available most places (sorry California).

4) A hill – did you know that running uphill as fast as you can is an effective fat loss strategy? We call them “hill sprints” here in the industry, and they work great for burning that stubborn belly fat. As an added bonus, while you’re performing your hill sprints, feel free to enjoy nature, which has been clinically proven to lower stress. Sounds like a win-win to me!

5) Ab wheel – if you absolutely must buy something and you enjoy gadgets, gizmos, and other cutting-edge technology (such as wheels), then this is one of the simplest, most effective, and least expensive ab training tools you can invest in (not kidding). In fact, studies have shown that the ab wheel activates the core muscular more than almost every other abs exercise out there (true story). No home gym is complete without one.

You can click here for a perfectly-acceptable ab wheel for a very low price on (this will serve you well for a very long time). Or, you can click here if you want an ab wheel that looks cooler, but does the same exact thing that the less expensive models do (i.e. a wheel with handles that rolls).

Before you go, here are some ideas for making the most of your ab wheel from Ross Enamait, who demonstrates a variety of exercises with his even more budget-friendly homemade model…

Note: if spending money on an ab wheel is out of the question, you could also use a barbell with round plates, a suspension training system (e.g. rings or the TRX), a furniture roller, or even an office chair with wheels instead. Like this.

Final Words

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  1. David Denis

    You forgot gravity. Gotta have some gravity.

    • Ooh, yes! How could I have forgotten that one? And get this, gravity may actually ENHANCE the effects of some of the other tools I listed.

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