How To: Pushup Technique and Variations by John Sifferman

The pushup is, without question, one of the best exercises that has been used for thousands for years. If there was a list of “best exercises,” no doubt the pushup would be in there. This exercise can be used for a variety of training goals including: chest, shoulder, and tricep development, core activation training, general physical preparedness (GPP), and for transferring force from the core into the arms.

Here is a video that shows you exactly how to perform a pushup correctly, and offers you some interesting variations to try out:

How To: Pushup Technique and Variations by John Sifferman

There are many other pushup variations that I did not cover in this video. Some ideas are doing pushups with bands, or with a weighted vest on. Doing single-arm pushups, even if they are assisted, is also a great way to build up horizontal pressing strength. Incline, decline, plyometric, staggered hand position, spiderman pushups, the list goes on.

Your Question of the Day is: How many pushups can you do, and what is your record?

Click here and scroll to the bottom now to post your numbers.

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P.S. Make sure to tell us what kind of pushups you did, when you did them, and how great you felt the next day!

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  1. Great Video! Speaking of weight vests, have you seen the Hyper Vest? I had been thinking about getting one, and this one looks the best, especially for bodyweight training. What do you think?

  2. Thanks nuzreader! I have not used the Hyper Vest. I recommend the X-Vest myself, but I’m sure either one will work well for bodyweight training. When looking for a weighted vest, you want to find one that distributes the weight evenly both in front/back and left/right side. Enjoy!

  3. how can i reduce my belly fat and increase my leg strength please tell me some exercises

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