How To Stretch Out Your Forearms Using A New Twist On Seal Pose

Learn these three levels of stretches to help you release tension in and around your forearms to boost your recovery after grip-intensive training sessions.

Have you ever had one of those training sessions where you could barely squeeze anything with your hands afterwards? And that may even be an understatement. Sometimes, you can barely even move your hands at all and it feels like your forearms are literally on fire. You know that ‘ol tingly sensation I’m talking about, don’t you? If you do any high-volume grip work, whether it’s with a barbell, your bodyweight, clubbells, kettlebells, sandbags, etc., you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now, I’m all for training hard and all, but if you’ve worked your grip muscles so hard that your arms have been downgraded to two immobile stumps, then you’ll need to know how to get them back to normal again as quickly and efficiently as possible..

Enter compensatory movement. That’s just a fancy term for a method that helps to balance out the body after and in-between training sessions. It’s a way to boost recovery and prevent muscle imbalances, and using this simple tool can make a huge difference in your results over the short andlong term.

So, with that said, here’s a video tutorial on how to stretch out your forearms effectively. Use these three drills to put out the fire in your forearms. Enjoy!

Stretch Out Your Forearms With A New Twist On Seal Pose

Ahh, that’s better, isn’t it?

I can tell you with complete confidence that when you employ these kinds of simple drills at the end of a training session, you’ll be much better for it. Gone are the days of not being able to squeeze your hands after a grip workout, or practically limping from the gym out to your car. You’ll be able to get back to your life without hobbling around like a Franken-monster.  Plus, you’ll experience less muscle soreness, and will be able to get back to training sooner.

So, try this out next time your arms catch on fire during a grip-intensive workout.

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