I’m Challenging YOU to complete the Israeli TACFIT Commando Workout

Since my early childhood, I’ve been notorious for doing seemingly crazy things. From running barefoot over gravel roads to swinging “those heavy bat things” for the pure joy of exhaustion to ranting on end about the cardiovascular benefits of consuming omega 3 fatty acids… I’m the guy in the group who makes people wonder “Is he alright? No really, is he?”

I’ll be the first to admit that I think we need some more crazies in the world and I’m giving YOU an opportunity to join the ranks. Right now.

Here’s the skinny…

tacfit commandoThere’s a free workout program here. I’ve reviewed it, practiced it, and found it to be fantastic program for people who are looking for full body conditioning without needing any equipment.

It’s a bodyweight-only workout from the upcoming TACFIT Commando program and it’s setup with 3 levels of difficulty – recruit, grunt, and commando (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Anyone who is healthy and cleared for exercise can participate in this challenge. This workout only takes 20 minutes, and the goal is to score 20 points in 20 minutes. That means you need to complete one circuit per minute. 1 completed circuit in under 1 minute equals one point. It sounds easy enough, right? (That’s exactly what they want you to think) You can get the full details in the special report that explains the entire challenge here.

So, I want you to read through the manual, learn the exercises, and complete the session sometime this week – ideally in the next 24 hours. Then, post your results in the comments section of this post.

This can be done in place of any strength training or cardio session. But don’t be fooled, it’s not gonna be easy. You may even hate me after you start, and very likely will begin whispering sweet nothings under your breath to curse me from whence I came. But alas, I am no stranger to discomfort or exhaustion, and I’ll be participating in the challenge within the next 24 hours along with you.

My TACFIT Commando Israeli Challenge Entry:

Read my review here:

TACFIT Commando Review

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7 Responses

  1. Alright, I’m clocking in having just completed 20 rounds of the Israeli TACFIT Commando Challenge. I scored 20/20 points at Grunt/Intermediate Level while maintaining a technique rating of 8+, discomfort rating of 1, and an effort rating of 6+. The swinging planks are what killed me, and had my effort rating at around 9 towards the end of the session. The other exercises felt like recovery time for the swinging planks. Video of my last round will follow shortly.

  2. I gave it a go. Was gonna go for intermediate, but couldn’t get my first set in under a more due to not having the exercises and transitions very streamlined at all. Dropped down to easy and hit 20/20 points no problem. Well, I was pretty tired at the end, but was generally having 20 secs rest each round, especially once I got my transitions dialed. Watching the movie, your transitions are significantly more dialed then mine were even by the end. I should be able to get some points down on intermediate. Lots of fun though. Especially the tripod flips :-). Swinging planks were def the hardest. Really like the speed vs rest dynamic. Once you get into it, you really have great incentive to get it done, rest hard, get it done, rest hard, etc.

    Great stuff.

  3. Good man, Jeremiah! Better to dial it down in difficulty and make it to the finish than put in a poor effort all the way through.

  4. Tried it today and decided to do Beginner to get a grasp on exercises. I tried to concentrate on form and yeah the swinging plank is what raised the RPE a lot. I did each round with about 25 seconds to spare and exertion was around 8. RPT around an 7-8 (hadn’t done the FGE and Swinging plank at that level before). A tiny bit of discomfort in the right wrist.

    At first like Jeremiah I was tempted to go intermediate after recently completing the BBFFL, but I am glad I listened to intuition. :) Going to try the Grunt level in a few days. Looking forward to checking out the full-program

  5. Sergio ornelas

    Did this workout today, similar to the p90 x routine but i found it somewhat more strenuous on my triceps. Great workout

  6. De' Tinker

    I found this a few weeks ago, may three. I started last week and was only able to get 14 points on the beginer on my first try. Next try I hit 16 or 17 points. Today I just hit 20, tomorrow I’m starting intermediate. The two biggest things for me (other than running out of breath) was motivation and how much it worked my upper legs. Being the only one doing it in my family, it was hard to push myself. Otherwise I might have hit 20 on my first try.

    But it’s great to know that other people are doing this and enjoying it, it’s fun. How are everyone elses results?

  7. I made it through.OMG I am out of shape. I stuck it out so I would work on the form and start creating mussel memory of the movements. Thanks for the info.

    Oh by the way how often do you do the workout? Thanks

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