Inspiration from Ross Enamait

Yesterday, I sent off a list of questions for an interview with Ross Enamait, who is a strength and conditioning professional whom I’ve occasionally followed over the years. He’s a busy guy, and I’m not sure when he’ll get the interview back to me, but I wanted to introduce him to you, and I think this video is a great way to do it.

Note: beast mode activated.

Suffice to say, Ross has achieved an incredibly high level of fitness that few people ever reach. No doubt his feats of strength come from a lifetime devoted to mastering his craft. I know he’s got a lot to share, and I’m eagerly looking forward to getting his answers back so I can share his interview with you all. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’ve seen probably all the movies Ross posted and all of them are just great. I can say that Ross basically changed my life after posting a short video illustrating his jump rope training. I was a young overweight guy that was ( and still is) fascinated with boxing and everything that refers to the sport. I’ve decided that I want to be at least close as good at jumping rope as Ross and since than I’m constantly improving my skills. I’ve got great respect for people like you and Ross for supporting the idea of “physical living” and helping the others to achieve their goals. I wish you all best and I’m waiting for the new posts.

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