Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine? Friday's Off-topic post by John Sifferman

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It’s not strength training related, per se, but laughter definitely has some links to improving health. And since it’s Friday, I thought I would share about a recent article I read on

Steve Wilson, MA., CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist says, “I believe that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are a lot better off. They might be healthier too.”

Wilson even says that the physiological effects from laughter may be synonymous with some types of exercise. No doubt, laughing hard does burn calories as muscles contract and stretch quickly and repeatedly. I can think of several times after a “heavy laughing session” when my abs were actually sore!

So, what does laughter do for us?

  • Laughter has shown evidence of increasing blood flow (duh! in case no one else has noticed the veins on my forehead – tell us something we don’t know!)
  • It increases our immune response, effectively creating more anti-bodies to fight infection and bacteria.
  • It can lower our blood sugar levels (not a bad way to prevent diabetes).
  • It helps us sleep better.

While the article got quite in-depth about the intricacies of laughter and it’s impact on health, I prefer to keep things simple. I like the closing line from Provine… “Obviously, I’m not anti-laughter,” says Provine. “I’m just saying that if we enjoy laughing, isn’t that reason enough to laugh? Do you really need a prescription?”

That’s all I need to hear – so here are two videos that have given me and my family a good laugh. Both are “g” rated:

Laughing Baby

Funny Laugh – this one had family rolling on the floor

Your Question of the Day is: have you stopped laughing yet?

Have an awesome weekend!

To your health and success,

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Read the full CBSNews story here.

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