John's #1 Secret for Compliance to your Exercise Program

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I’ve been hearing again and again recently about the importance of compliance to a training or nutrition program – and I think it’s one of the most important messages any trainer or coach should be delivering. Sure, you can have the greatest training program in the world. You could pay a fitness professional $5000 for the latest, cutting-edge, periodized, and individualized 16 week program. It could be perfectly suited to your personal needs and goals. It could be EXACTLY what you need RIGHT NOW. But what if you can’t stick to it?

It’s worthless. Five grand down the drain.

I think the number one thing that is more important than having the best training or nutrition program is being able to follow it – compliance. It’s easy to pay someone for a great training program, but it’s much harder to follow it every day. There’s some truth to the saying “the best program that is followed without much effort is not nearly as effective as the average program that is followed with great effort and intention.”

If you can figure out how to stick to an exercise program, then you are way ahead of the curve. Here’s a common-sense, down-to-earth tip about how to make sure you stick to your training program

Secret to Compliance in an Exercise Program

I have given the advice to ENJOY yourself in whatever physical activity you choose so many times, I’m starting to feel like a broken record. Seriously, I think pure FUN should be considered a huge secret for compliance to an exercise program. Who doesn’t like having fun???

As a culture, we tend to have a skewed viewpoint of “play.” As we grow older, our idea of what constitutes playing changes dramatically. We get bombarded with the resounding message that “adults don’t play, they seek entertainment.” There are so many social pressures that conflict with the average persons desire just to have fun – to enjoy life. We’re taught that you need to have a really nice car to enjoy driving. You need to have a good ATV or dirtbike to enjoy wooded trails. You need to have the fastest sled or name brand snowboard to enjoy the snow. You need.. you need.. you need.

I remember playing as a child. There was so much freedom in it – and I think that same freedom is available to anyone regardless of age if they will only seek after it.

Find something you love doing that requires you to be physically ACTIVE. Life is too short to settle for status quo.

Your Question of the Day is: What is something you have always wanted to do, but never followed through on?

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To your health and success,

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