John's Body Transformation Training Progress Update – No Intensity Day

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2/27/09 – No Intensity Day

Full Body Joint Mobility Session using the Intu-Flow Program.

Neck infinities
Neck rotational infinities
Shoulder shrug circles
Alternating shoulder circles
Arm screw
Teacup exercise
Various arm circles and infinities
Elbow circles, and clovers
Wrist basic ranges and circles
Finger waves, and “ice cream cone to ok”
Arm waves
Thoracic spine expansion/compression
Thoracic lateral sways
Thoracic circles, slow
Pelvic Circles
Hip circles, and basic ranges
Spine infinities
Leg basic ranges
Knee basic ranges, and circles (open and closed chain)
Ankle circles (open and closed chain)
Leg infinities

Prasara BodyFlow Yoga Practice, very slow and controlled:
Flat foot squat –> Descending shin rolls –> shinbox switches –> Forest Flow (1 run-through Forest, 5 minutes from start to finish)

Rating Perceived Technique 8/10
Rating Perceived Exertion 2/10
Rating Perceived Discomfort 1/10

Notes: felt great to spend some quality time on my mobility today. Shoulders needed the most work. Hips and ankles/feet had a lot of tension, but not anymore :)

Taking the dog to the park later today.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and CST Athlete

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