John's Training Journal – another Personal Record with the Clubbell

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3/25/09 – Clubbell Test Day

This test was actually spur of the moment – not planned like it should have been. I was asked what my personal best was for the day, and after admitting I didn’t have one, I set out to get one with my 15 lb clubbell.

I wanted to see how many consecutive clubbell mills I could perform without resting or putting the clubbell down.

In 30 minutes, I accomplished 400 consecutive mills (400 right arm and 400 left arm) without taking a break. I did hand switches every 10 repetitions, and maintained this pace of 13 reps/min (per arm) for 30 minutes.

The only reason I stopped was because my wife was pulling in the driveway with groceries and 400 seemed like a good stopping point. Had she not arrived, who knows what I may have accomplished. My intuition tells me that I would have stopped at 500 just to play it safe – I was beginning to experience some fatigue in the muscles around my left elbow towards the end. My former PR with consecutive clubbell mills was 100 (both left/right). So, 400 was quite a jump for me, but still only half of what my coach, Adam Steer has accomplished in one straight set (Adam did 800 not too long ago!).

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with my progress knowing that I am only able to do this because of impeccable attention to my technique over the past couple of years of my clubbell training. It’s funny to think that when I first picked up my 15 lb clubbell, I couldn’t mill it even once. Even after I had the general technique down, I was wasted after 10 reps on either side and had to put it down to rest. It just shows what is really possible if you apply yourself to something. Here’s an example of the clubbell mill with my 15 lber…

Clubbell Mills

After the clubbell test, I finished with a long, slow session of joint mobility to decompress my joints, lubricate them, restore bloodflow, and relieve tension all throughout my body. My day after soreness was noticeable, probably a constant 3/10 on the scale of discomfort. I spend the day mostly resting and did some low intensity exercises with the 5 lb clubbells to aid my recovery.

What is your personal best for today/this week? Please post your comments below.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

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