John's Training Journal – High Intensity Day

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3/19/09 – High Intensity Clubbell Training Day

I performed a thorough joint mobility session using the Intu-Flow DVD Program, really working on shoulders, arms, and spine. I actually didn’t finish my legs because something came up last minute.

Later that afternoon I did a Trial By Fire with the 15 lb clubbells:

100 double clubbell front swipes
100 single clubbell mills per arm
100 hammer swings (50/direction – clockwise, counter-clockwise)

This is how I broke it down:

Repeat 5X – 10 swipes, 10 mills/arm, rest
25 hammer swings/direction
Repeat 5X – 10 swipes, 10 mills/arm, rest
25 hammer swings/direction

Rating Perceived Technique 8+/10
Rating Perceived Effort 7/10 (mostly grip fatigue during swipes)
Rating Perceived Discomfort 1/10

Notes: I wasn’t worried about time, only quality of movement and completion. I would guess I finished in about 30 minutes. Grip fatigue was the main limiting factor. Mills were easy, hammer swings were easy, swipes required a little more effort. Today, the day after, I am not overly fatigued or sore, which is pretty nice for a post high-intensity day. That’s one thing I love about clubbell training, is that it doesn’t leave you severely sore like traditional weight training does. I can tell that my body is fatigued, but it’s not exclusively muscular. The body is used more holistically during clubbell training, if that makes any sense at all. I feel as though the structure of the body takes on the load of the clubbell en masse, so that local muscular groups do not get overly fatigued and I’m able to do much more total work.

Later in the day I practiced several run-throughs of the 4-Corner Balance drill from the Intu-Flow program, and went through Forest Flow one time through right before bed (from Prasara Instructional DVD).

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