John's Training Journal Update – 2 Personal Records in 2 Days!!!

3/10/09 – 3/11/09 Testing Days

I spent time doing some joint mobility exercises on both days using the Intu-Flow longevity system.

Yesterday, technically a low intensity day, I picked up one of my 15 lb clubbells for some mills practice.  Against my better judgment, I thought I would see how many times I could swing it without stopping – even without performing a proper warmup.  So, I did 10 mills with my right arm, then 10 with my left.  I repeated that 10X for a total of 100 mills for right arm, and 100 mills for left arm.  Hand switches were every 10 reps, and there was no rest – it was a continuous set that took 7 minutes and 30 seconds to complete.

I attribute this oddly timed success with my attention to the 7 key components of structure:

grip confirmation, arm lock, shoulder pack, crown to coccyx alignment, core activation, hip recruitment, and leg drive.

Rating Perceived Technique 8+/10
Rating Perceived Effort 5/10
Rating Perceived Discomfort 1/10

Old video of me practicing Clubbell Mills

Notes: RMAX Head Coach Adam Steer described Clubbell®® mills to me as if they are almost dancelike, and I think I understand what he means now. Compared to past attempts at high rep swinging, my effort today was markedly less (and only my grip felt fatigue). I probably could have nailed 160-180 before my technique began to deteriorate. Perfect Practice DOES make perfect.

That was yesterday. Today, I attempted 100 repetitions of the double 15 lb clubbell swipe. I finished in 8 minutes, 25 seconds – which is a new PR.

sets were: 50, 12, 10, 10, 8, 10 – with 10-60 seconds rest in between each set.

RPTED 8+, 8, 1

Notes: My main weakness here was excessive grip fatigue. Will get this to a straight set of 100 in no time!

Old video of me performing Double Clubbell Swipes

One of my goals is to be able to do 100 continuous mills, swipes, and hammer swings with the 15 lb clubbells in under 20 minutes by August.

For more information about clubbell training, visit the official site here:

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