John's Training Journal Update – Clubbell Practice and Test Day

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3/23/09 – Clubbell Practice and Test Day

I spent some time today practicing with my 15 lb clubbells, doing swipes and mills mostly – not pushing into exertion. My milling is virtually effortless, which I attribute to regular practice and good execution of the 7 Key Components of Structure.

This afternoon, I also did a hammer swing test to see how fast I could perform 100 repetitions – 50 clockwise, and 50 counter-clockwise. Here’s the footage I filmed:

100 Hammer Swings with 15 lb Clubbell

After a dinner of some honey dijon pork chops from the farm down the road, I did a slow joint mobility session for my spine, shoulders, and hips – getting really deep into the range of motion.

I finished the day with some basic BodyFlow to release some tension in my legs.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about clubbells, then visit the official site here:

2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if we can use a baseball bat instead of a club bell for starters?


  2. Hi Alan,

    You could absolutely use a baseball bat or sledgehammer, macebell (etc.), but these were not designed for club swinging and won’t be anywhere near as effective as the clubbell – which was engineered specifically for human adaptation.

    This is like asking, “can I use a golf club in a hockey game?”

    Sure, you could mimic the movements, but without a stationary club that has a challenging weight to it, you won’t adapt much at all – and you certainly won’t build strength, which is what the clubbell is meant for.

    I started out with a pair of mini-clubbells (5 lbs each), which came with the Intu-Flow joint mobility program I use above. I used these for almost a year before upgrading to 10’s and 15’s. I think this is the best way to introduce yourself to club swinging.

    All the best,


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