John's Training Journal Update – High Intensity Day, 2-handed clubbell training

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3/3/09 – High Intensity Day

Full body joint mobility session using the Intu-Flow program – emphasis on shoulders, spine, and hips.

2-handed clubbell training circuit using the 45 lb clubbell
Perform each exercise without stopping until the end of the circuit; no rest between exercises, 60 seconds of rest at the end.

Repeat 5X total:
2 front swipes
2 arm casts
2 clockwork squats
2 cleans to shoulder park into deck squat
2 cleans to order
2 swings
2 rock-its
Rest 60 seconds, then repeat with opposite grip.

Vibrations and basic joint mobility was performed during rest times, one full body vibration at the end.

Rating Perceived Technique 8/10
Rating Perceived Effort 7-8/10
Rating Perceived Discomfort 0/10

1 Slow Run-Through of Forest Flow from Prasara Instructional DVD. (reviewed the instructions the night before = about 20 minutes on one leg, in-between poses)

Notes: frustrating session today, palms were very sweaty and oily. Three near-miss accidents with the clubbell, one of which it completely slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor. High effort could not be sustained due to the risk of dropping the clubbell. Grip muscles were not excessively fatigued, just had no ability to hold onto it with all the slippage. Forest Flow was good, helped me calm down and really focus on something important. Went for a short walk with the dog later.

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