John's Training Journal Update – Moderate Intensity Day

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3-2-09 – Moderate Intensity Day

Thorough and slow full body joint mobility session using the Intu-Flow program.

Performed 1 warmup round…

Repeat 8X, no rest between exercises, 1 minute rest at the end of each circuit. Exertion was kept between 50-80%:
15 lb clubbell mills, each arm
Alternating pistol spinal rocks
Mixed Grip Pullups
Quad hop burpees
15 lb clubbell two-handed side swipes
Lateral rock bottom lunges
Pushups with Perfect Pushup Handles (my review is here)
Rest 1 minute, doing vibrations throughout

Rating Perceived Technique was 8/10
Rating Perceived Effort was 6-7/10
Rating Perceived Discomfort was 0-1/10

Full Body Vibration and 2 minutes rest

BodyFlow practice: squat creep, shin twist, knee switch, descending shin roll, shinbox switch, hip snap shinbox switch, long leg creep, leg swoop, elevated scorpion, dragon twisting into seated spinal twist, and springing tripod.

Non-stop Spinal rocks from the Be Breathed program for a final core strength challenge:
10 Straight-leg
10 Split-stance
10 butterfly
10 single-leg left side
10 single-leg right side
10 dropping feet spinal rocks

Notes: Great session today. Exertion was noticeably lower than the last time I did this one, and I upped the repetitions on several exercises. I will end the day with Forest Flow and Flock of Pigeons from the Prasara Instructional DVD later tonight before bed. I’m looking forward to tomorrows two-handed clubbell training day. Going to make a whole-foods banana berry smoothie and then it’s Hawaiian Pork with pineapple that has been teasing me from the crock pot all day.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and CST Athlete

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  1. Kevin Lee Dougherty

    Hey John, in the above moderate intensity workout, I see how many sets you did, but how many reps per exercise per set. I do like this workout.

  2. The reps varied each set, which is why I didn’t log them here. I kept my exertion between 60-70%, so it was a wide repetition range based on my skill and conditioning for each exercise.

    From memory, each set was about…

    10 reps of 15 lb clubbell mills, each arm
    2-5 Alternating pistol spinal rocks (easing into a grease the groove program for these, keeping volume and intensity low)
    10 Mixed Grip Pullups
    12-15 Quad hop burpees
    12-15 reps of 15 lb clubbell two-handed side swipes
    5-10 Lateral rock bottom lunges
    10-12 Pushups with Perfect Pushup Handles

    Some exercises were kept at the lower exertion range 50-60%. Example… I could do clubbell mills and side swipes all day long, but lateral rock bottom lunges are a much more challenging exercise for me, 5-10 reps/side requires relatively more effort for me.

  3. Kevin Lee Dougherty

    Thank You John. One more question: Please describe Quad Hop Burpees (I think burpees are a wonderful cardio/strengthener exercise).
    I love my Perfect Pushup Handles.

  4. Kevin,

    I’ll do an exercise demo video of the Quad Hop Burpees this week.

    Glad you like the pushup handles. If you elevate them, they work great for parallel bar dips as well.

  5. I just want to let you know that I have benefited from the information here. Thanks a lot.

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