John's Training Journal Update – Moderate/High Intensity Day

4/15/09 – Moderate/High Intensity Day

Full Body Joint Mobility Warmup using the Intu-Flow program.

Clubbell training with 15 lb clubbells:

Repeat 2X, warmup, no rest:
10 swipes, 10 mills/arm, 10 hammer swings/direction

Clubbell Work Set:
100 double swipes – 6 sets of 15, 1 set of 10
100 single arm mills – 6 sets of 15/arm, 1 set of 10/arm
100 hammer swings per direction – 50, 30, 20 reps

Rating Perceived Technique: 8+
Rating Perceived Effort: swipes = 8, mills = 5, hammer swings = 7
Rating Perceived Discomfort: 0

Bodyweight Training For Leg Strength, 1 set per exercise, went until about 60% exertion, 10 seconds rest between exercises:
Bodyweight squats
Reverse Lunges
Forward Lunges
Lateral Lunges
Forward/Reverse Lunges
Plie Lunges
Dragon Twisting

Rating Perceived Technique: 8
Rating Perceived Effort: 5
Rating Perceived Discomfort: 0

Finished with Forest Flow from the Prasara Yoga Instructional DVD. Will do Flock of Pigeons Flow later tonight before bed. I’ll be in the car for about 10 hours tomorrow, so it will be scattered with frequent bouts of joint mobility to decompress my spine throughout the trip.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional

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  1. Hi John,

    I was wondering if you can talk about Prasara Yoga and how you fit it into your workout and how it has helped you?



  2. Hi Alan,

    I have used Prasara yoga mostly for its recovery aspects, but it is an interesting pursuit in and of itself. Prasara works the outer bag of myofascia (muscle) in the body. I use it mostly to release tension in certain areas (especially those that have been worked during exercise), and strengthen deep ranges of motion.

    Because I work from a desk most of the day, a lot of my focus on prasara is to prevent the minor deformations that come from being seated too long. I will try to open up my hips, relieve tension in and around my lower back, and strengthen my shoulders to keep my posture tall and help prevent injury.

    Other than that, I also use it to prevent over-specializations from occuring in my body from my structured training program. If I’m focusing on a lot of single leg movements, then I will really work on my hips in prasara, for instance. This is using Prasara Yoga as a form of “compensatory movement.”

    Usually, I will do Prasara at the end of a strength training session, but I also do stand-alone prasara sessions (most often in the evening).

    I posted a Q+A about prasara, that you may be interested in reading here:

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