John's Training Journal – what I've been up to this past weekend

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I spent Saturday morning exercising in the sunshine, performing a full body joint mobility routine. Other than that, Saturday was filled with clubbell practice all throughout the day.  I didn’t take any scheduled time for a session, but I accumulated a lot of volume after all the practice time I had.  Exercises ranged from single-arm rock-its and cleans with the 45 lber, to swipes and mills with the 15’s. I just made it a point to pick up the clubbells as often as possible, perform some exercises for 1-10 minutes, without pushing into high exertion.

One exercise that I’ve been trying to improve is the reverse mill, which I find much more challenging than the regular clubbell mill. So, I created a little combination routine that allowed me to practice both, along with a hand switch, which I need to master for high rep clubbell swinging. Here’s a demo of the routine:

Opposite Clubbell Mills

There’s a good chance that I’ll be pursuing the CST Instructor certification this August, which means I need to be in tip top shape for the physical exam, which includes a Trial By Fire test with the 15 lb clubbells (100 double swipes, 100 single-arm mills per arm, and 100 hammer swings – completion in less than 30 minutes = pass). I have already passed the TBF requirements in my own training, but I intend to ace it at the seminar!

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