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It’s that time again, when I have almost zero time to maintain my website. Sorry! Here are some things that may interest you while I’m playing catch-up.

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  • If you feel like you’ve got it pretty rough and just can’t achieve your goals, then Dartanyon and Leroy would love to prove you otherwise. If you tell one of these guys that you can’t do something, they just might slam you into the ground until you change your mind. Check out this video for some major inspiration.
  • I’ve been saying it for years. Unless you’re a competitive weightlifter (ie bodybuilder, powerlifter, olympic weightlifter, strongman), there’s no reason to be using a barbell as a primary training tool. Here’s another convincing argument for why athletes should avoid the barbell (and most other people should, too).
  • There’s some good training footage and philosophy in this video interview with Erwan Le Corre about his MovNat system. On a related note, this is a pretty good video explaining some of the philosophy behind parkour. Lots of cool tricks and various eye-candy to go with the deeper message.
  • My good friend, Damien Tougas of Adventure In Progress, recently returned from a mega backpacking expedition where he traveled the Teton mountain range. Check out this cool video for some beautiful views of Wyoming and a tiny taste of grand adventure. Damien also wrote a post-trip report with some sage lessons he gained from the experience. Well worth checking out for fellow-adventurers.
  • Attention! Are you sitting down right now? If yes, then do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to learn some exercises for your wrists. Do you remain seated for more than a few hours a day? Then you DEFINITELY need to learn this stuff. My coach, Ryan Murdock, put together a good joint mobility tutorial video for the wrists. If you’ve never done these drills, then you’ll be amazed how much better your wrists feel afterward. This is part of the system I use everyday for optimal joint and mobility health. Also, check out the links below the video for some other joint mobility routines for desk-bound people.
  • My friend and fellow CST Head Coach, Shane Heins, has compiled a fantastic Youtube channel packed with some awesome training videos. Shane’s videos are enlightening and entertaining, and I recommend you subscribe to his channel. Two of my favorites are Go Commando…For Life and TACFIT = TACFUN.
  • My colleague, Tom Venuto wants to know, are you an “active couch potato?”
  • And if you’d like to take a few minutes for mindless, yet jaw-dropping, entertainment, then you won’t want to miss People Are Awesome.

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  1. Many thanks for the “link love”, John.

    BTW, I too have seen Ryan’s wrist care video presenation over at, and I agree it is a nice piece of work indeed.

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