Most Powerful Training Tool: Video Demo From an Underground Strength Coach

click meToday I have a special offer for you from a friend of mine, Zach Even-Esh – an underground strength coach in New Jersey whom I just spent a weekend with at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp in CT.

(it was nice meeting some of you there!)

Zach just created this awesome (free) video and I wanted to share it with you because in it he shares his “favorite and most powerful training tool.”

You can watch it here:

If you’re into ‘real’ No B.S. training then you’ll definitely want to see Zach’s video that he put together for you.

He demonstrates some great exercises and he flat out tells you where you can get your hands on this training tool in your home town for cheap!!

I think you’ll like it:

Add this item to your home gym and I know it will help you.

If there is anything I can do for you, please use the contact form on the site, any and all feedback is appreciated.

To your health and success,

P.S. – Enjoy the video and be sure to Opt-In because Zach told me he is going to be giving away some more free NO B.S. training videos this week.

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