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Sol Orwell
Sol Orwell – co-founder of

Several months ago, I received a private message via Facebook from co-founder, Sol Orwell. I had been vaguely familiar with who Sol was, but I really didn’t know the guy all that well. And truth be told, I couldn’t really figure out why he contacted me in the first place. You see, this guy sends me an email out of the blue and ultimately just asks if he can promote any of my fitness articles.

Umm… sure.

Can you tell that I was a little suspicious? And on top of that, his Facebook photo – the only face to a name that I have for Sol Orwell – was a close-up headshot of him wearing sunglasses. And you just know that you can’t trust someone who is not only wearing sunglasses, but is clearly having a good time, too, right? Clearly, Sol was offering to do me a favor in search of good will, but I couldn’t help but wonder, “what’s this guy up to?”

Well, now I know. You see, Sol was just doing what some in the industry call networking because he has been working on something pretty special, and he wanted to get out there to spread the word and make sure the whole world knows about it. And for good reason, too.

You see, Sol and his team at have been working on a massive, never-before-attempted project for the past 2.5 years to help consolidate and refine the gargantuan amount of research out there about supplements and how they correspond to health goals – and actually make it useful for the average Joe (imagine that!) by putting it into one organized guidebook. And boy, have they done it!

My friend, Tom Venuto, summed up the value of this massive undertaking when he said…

With’s supplement reference guide, never again will you need to worry about knowing whether the claims of the billion dollar supplement industry are true or false. You’ll have the truth right at your fingertips. Use this encyclopedic resource as your go-to-guide and you’ll never have to waste time searching Google and wondering whether what you found is evidence or (biased) advertisement, you won’t have to waste your money or risk your health on personal trial and error, and you won’t even have to sort through the real research (pub med) because the guys at Examine have spent years doing it for you. Maybe the best part is that, finally the evidence-based trustworthy information we need is all in one place, and is smartly organized so you can find the answers you need in just minutes. Whether you’re a consumer or a fitness pro, this is a no-brainer must-have for your library.

Needless to say, I want you to know about this brand new supplement guide. So, I pursued Sol for this quick interview. Mind you, this isn’t nearly as exhaustive as I would have liked to provide for you, but Sol’s a little busy this week with the whole product launch and everything, and given that the price will be going up soon, time is of the essence – and I wanted to get this to you ASAP.

So, I sent him a quick email yesterday with a short list of questions to give you the details. Here is what he sent back.

Tell me about your background and why you started

I tell everyone I am the immigrant dream :) I immigrated to Canada in my mid-teens, started dabbling in websites immediately, and had incorporated my first company while in university. A few years after I graduated, I had no desire for the rat race, and with my websites running smoothly, opted to retire and just relax.

A few years after that, as I went from fat to fit, I started taking notes on everything. I was *extremely* frustrated that there was a WEALTH of knowledge in forums, but that knowledge would (for all intents and purposes), disappear after a few days.

This was especially true in nutrition and supplementation.

And thus, I wanted to build a clearinghouse to store all this information, where people could submit rebuttals, corrections, and studies to one main location.

How is different from other supplement websites? What’s unique about it?

I like to believe we’ve carved out our own niche. Other than Alan Aragon’s Research Review, there isn’t really any site dedicated to evidence-gathering on supplementation and nutrition. Sure, a few random blogs here and there, but nothing that can be treated as a centralized reference.

We’ve been at it for 2.5 years, and we’ve gone from 50 visitors a day to over 12,500/day now. People have responded to what we’ve been building.

Tell me about your new Supplement Goals Reference Guide and what you were trying to accomplish with it.

We’re trying to simplify supplementation. The marketing, the hyperbole, the insane claims. Having my mom call me up constantly and ask “hey I heard xxx or yyy on Dr. Oz” was driving me crazy.

It’s simple. You look up a supplement or health goal. You see what has *actual* human evidence (not rat studies; not petri-dish studies; actual human evidence) and you instantly know what works and what doesn’t.

I think a resource like this has the potential to change the face of the supplement industry. Do you agree?

I can only hope that we make a dent. We’ve already sold 2000+ copies in roughly the first 60 hours, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Most fitness “products” have roughly 5% return rate. Ours is < 1%.

Give it to me straight. How can this help people and what direct benefits will they receive from investing in it?

Supplements can be extremely powerful, if they make sense in your context. A few examples:

Berberine has a very strong effect in decreasing blood glucose (sugar). It’s as strong as metformin, the #1 prescription drug for diabetics. All of my diabetic friends take it, and love it.

Spirulina has extremely strong anti-aging affects (anti-inflammatory, immuno-boosting, etc). For middle-aged people, it’s a great supplement to take (I make my mom take it).

Vegetarians tend to have low creatine levels. Actual creatine deficiency is a genetic disorder, and causes mental retardation. Thus, for vegetarians, creatine would be a useful supplement to take.

Who is this guide best-suited for?

Pretty much anyone who cares about their health. I just gave three quick examples above. Your health is about context – all of our bodies are different.

With 180+ health goals listed in our Supplement Guide (plus more than 300 supplements and 2000+ studies referenced), you can drill down to the specific supplements you should consider taking – and the ones you should definitely *not* be taking.

And that’s where I see the true value of this – being able to quickly figure out what supplements might be worth investigating and experimenting with, if any at all. Now, any comments for someone who is on the fence or hesitant to buy?

A few things:

1. As I said above, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Just look on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
2. Check out our testimonials page – from PhDs to MDs to nutritionists to trainers, we’ve worked extremely hard at being unbiased, neutral, and independent.
3. Speaking of that, we are extremely proud of our independence. We recommend NO brands, and we recommend NO products.
4. Money back guarantee. I’ll be the first to admit that it is impossible to make everyone happy. If you aren’t happy, we will give you your money back.

Any final words?

Supplementation is not magic. But it can be a very powerful tool to have with you.

Thanks for the quick interview, Sol – much appreciated.

Closing Thoughts

If your health and fitness is at-all important to you, then you owe it to yourself to know the truth about supplements (ie what the actual research says, how reliable that research is, how much real research there really is, how likely that supplement is going to help you, etc.). This not only will save you time, money, and frustration, but it will also give you even less excuses not to succeed.

So, if you want a definitive resource to help you determine what supplements you should consider taking, if any at all, then look no further. This is it, folks. It’s an unbiased, independent resource for accurate and reliable information concerning supplements and their role in health, fitness, and nutrition. And if that wasn’t enough already, it comes with lifetime updates, too.

So, like Tom Venuto said, this is a no-brainer, must-have resource, and I’ll be referring to my copy often.

Click Here to Learn More About the Supplement Goals Reference Guide

Supplement Goals Reference Guide -

Note: the price will be increasing to $39 on Saturday at 12pm EST. So, don’t dilly-dally!

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  1. Great post John. Some real credible people endorsing the book. Would be a great resource for anyone, fitness oriented or otherwise. With all the b.s. that is being marketed, would be nice to be able to cut through it.
    I’m not a big supplementer, but could definitely still see the value.

    • Same here, Kevin – and being a minimalist with supplements isn’t a bad default to have. I see it as a valuable tool for meeting deficiencies (e.g. Vitamin D is hard to come by in winter up in New England). And this guide makes it really easy to get started.

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