Old Guys Can Do Pull-ups, Too!

Now, you already know that women CAN do pull-ups, right? Ok, good. But did you also know that a lot of older men can perform very impressive feats of pull-up strength, too? It’s true. More seasoned trainees (aka old dudes), can get really good at pull-ups – assuming they train properly. And hey, no offense intended by the phrase “old guys.” If I’m lucky enough, I’ll get to be one someday, and I hope I can keep exercising like some of these dudes can.

Below, you’ll find some men who may be old in years, but are young at heart, and are in better shape than most men half their age. In fact, all of these men would put the average guy to shame with these feats of strength.

Here are 10 Old Dudes Who Rock At Pull-ups and Chin-ups

This 84 year old man does an incredible 18 chin-ups. Most men in their prime couldn’t even come close to that performance.

This 68-year old does 8 pull-ups with excellent technique.

85 year old makes pull-ups look easy…

83 year old does 21 pull-ups (set starts at 0:30).

I thought this 63 year old man was going to stop way before he actually did. But he just kept going and definitely gets an A for effort. Of course, men often experience a surge in performance whenever there are ladies observing.

Rob is 72 years old and nails 20 chin-ups (set starts at 0:30).

Just another 88 year old man doing chin-ups…

It’s just a feeling, but I suspect this man who does 21 chin-ups at 72 years old must have been in the service back in the day.

71 year old grandpa does 14 chin-ups (set starts at 0:45).

A 70 year old man breaks his lifelong record set in high school and does an awe-inspiring 42 pull-ups in honor of his school teachers and coaches (set starts at 2:20).

You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? Yep. Old man strength. ‘Nuf said.

Now, is this kind of performance common? Of course not. Being able to do pull-ups isn’t common. Period. And especially not for older folks. But some men decide in their hearts that they’re not going to start acting old when old age starts creeping up on them. They decide that a few more years and a little more wear and tear on the ‘ol body isn’t going to stop them from getting stronger and bettering themselves. And good for them! I hope I have the same attitude if I ever reach my golden years.

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6 Responses

  1. John C. Anderson

    I could beat every one of these guys if they did legitimate chinups. I’m 70 years old and am pound for pound the all around strongest man of my age, on Earth, and I can prove it. John C. Anderson aka JCA of the QCA jahncee@yahoo.com

  2. John C. Anderson

    The seventy two year old guy who did 21 chinups did pretty good, although he appeared to be kipping a little and he only touched his chin rather than going over the top of the bar with it like I would.

    I could beat him in a chinup contest and I could beat his kids.

    But it wouldn’t be a fair contest since I’m all around, pound for pound the strongest man of my age (71) in America if not on the planet Earth.

  3. John C. Anderson

    Pardon me, I meant to say I could beat his grand kids.

  4. lol check out John C. Anderson’s 3 comments. What a crack up! Is he for real or what? hahaha!

  5. Gordon, yes I’m real.
    Check out @jahnsie

  6. Hi John! Good for you! How many push ups can you do? Be well!

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