Are Pushup Handles Really That Great? Tips and Tricks for making the most of pushup handles by John Sifferman

My brother, James, bought me a pair of professional grade pushup handles last week for my birthday (thank you, Jim!).  These are a training tool that you may have seen on TV or in a store that sells fitness equipment.  I am really excited to have these and have used them almost every day since.  Here is my video review with some tips for maximizing their use and effectiveness (at the end, I’ll show you what to do if you can’t invest the money, but want the benefits of using pushup handles):

Rotating Pushup Handles Review by John Sifferman

Pushups are an outstanding exercise, but only when used for the right purpose in a training program. There are virtually infinite ways to vary and progress using the pushup exercise, and pushup handles only make it easier.

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Video Tutorial: Bodyweight Lunge Exercise Variations by John Sifferman

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I just had a killer strength training session with my training partner, Kyle Battis, and we filmed a video about one of the best exercises for your legs – the bodyweight lunge. We go over many different variations of this exercise, some of which you probably have not have seen before. So check it out, and make sure to check out the sample program below the video:

Bodyweight Lunge Exercise Variations


Review of Ageless Mobility by Scott Sonnon, Pain-Free Wellness for Longevity – review by John Sifferman

Ageless MobilityI’m going to write this as a somewhat informal review, even though Ageless Mobility is deserving of a thorough and professional review (which it has received several times elsewhere).

I’m actually going to tell you a story about myself, and I’ll start in January of 2006 during a deadlifting session at the local gym in which I was employed at the time.

I was in the middle of a deadlifting cycle, and my numbers were increasing regularly. I was pulling more weight by the week and feeling pretty good with my progress.  I still remember this particular session like it was yesterday. Severely injuring yourself has a way of staying in your mind for years after an event has happened.

I remember repping out during a particularly grueling barbell deadlifting set, and in an instant, I felt a severely sharp pain shoot up my spine. It felt like a knife had been stabbed sideways, breaking my spinal column apart in the lumbar area. I immediately dropped the barbell. As it came crashing to the floor, my entire body locked up in vice-like pain and I collapsed to the floor.

This injury began a series of recuperative efforts, one of which was the introduction of Ageless Mobility to my training routine in 2007. I had been training for over a year, with pain in my lower back daily – constantly. Every day was miserable due to the pain in my lower back. I went to bed in pain, and woke up even worse – EVERY day.

It wasn’t until I began a training cycle with a large emphasis on deepening my Ageless Mobility practice that I encountered a significant reduction in discomfort. I spent about 6 weeks performing the Ageless Mobility program almost every other day, and by the end of that time, I was pain free for the first time in over a year. It was an incredible transformation, and I felt great.

Today, there are still remnants of an injury, but it does not prevent me from performing at my peak in any and all activities. I have to keep a daily joint mobility practice to maintain this pain-free mobility that I enjoy, but it is a small price to pay.

Please forgive me for being so blunt, it’s just that Scott Sonnon’s Ageless Mobility DVD program is so fantastic that I cannot help but share it with you. There is a host of benefits to be received by incorporating this into your lifestyle including pain-free range of motion. This is an inexpensive DVD program that includes over 90 minutes of instruction and two bonus programs, and I highly recommend you look into it.

This program would be best for someone who is interested in restoring their full range of motion throughout their body. If you have problems with your lower back or hips (etc.), then this will very likely be an excellent addition to your training program with your doctor’s help and instructions.

The Bottom Line is that no matter who you are, or what your condition is, you will benefit greatly from practicing the standing and floor exercise routine in the Ageless Mobility DVD

Please invest in the future of your health and pick up a copy of Ageless Mobility today.  You can read about the many benefits you will receive on this page:

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P.S. This program is structured as a follow along mobility program. If you are more interested in an encyclopedia of mobility exercises, rather than a follow-along program, please check out my review of Intu-Flow by clicking here.

Healthy "Burn the Fat" Recipe from Tom Venuto: Beefy Spanish Rice – which gets the "kitchen dummy" seal of approval

My wife and I decided to document the steps it takes to prepare one of Tom Venuto’s famous “burn the fat,” fat loss recipes. Tom is famous for using fat burning foods in all of his meals, and he has created a collection of recipes that include only fat burning foods that are easy to prepare and quite tasty.  Have a look:

Tom Venuto’s Bodybuilding/Fat Loss Recipe: Beefy Spanish Rice

I am a contributor and forum moderator at Tom’s website at the Burn The Fat: Inner Circle, which is the Internets premiere fat loss support community.  Inside this site, you can find dozens of “burn the fat” recipes like the one above.  These recipes are packed with nutrition and I think all of them must pass the “kitchen dummy” seal of approval – anyone can make these recipes.

If you liked the video above, and want to check out some more recipes, visit

To your health and success,

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Review of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Most Powerful Training Tool: Video Demo From an Underground Strength Coach

click meToday I have a special offer for you from a friend of mine, Zach Even-Esh – an underground strength coach in New Jersey whom I just spent a weekend with at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp in CT.

(it was nice meeting some of you there!)

Zach just created this awesome (free) video and I wanted to share it with you because in it he shares his “favorite and most powerful training tool.”

You can watch it here:

If you’re into ‘real’ No B.S. training then you’ll definitely want to see Zach’s video that he put together for you.

He demonstrates some great exercises and he flat out tells you where you can get your hands on this training tool in your home town for cheap!!

I think you’ll like it:

Add this item to your home gym and I know it will help you.

If there is anything I can do for you, please use the contact form on the site, any and all feedback is appreciated.

To your health and success,

P.S. – Enjoy the video and be sure to Opt-In because Zach told me he is going to be giving away some more free NO B.S. training videos this week.

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