Interview with Marcus Bondi about Bodyweight Training & Advanced Calisthenics

marcus bondi - interview

Allow me to introduce you to Marcus Bondi, who is one of Australia’s top fitness coaches, a multiple Guinness World Records holder, and one of the world’s leading authorities on bodyweight training and calisthenics.

This guy is incredible. For starters, he’s in his fifties and can do things that would put most men half his age to shame. He has set world records in both rope climbing and weighted pull-ups. He can also crank out advanced calisthenics exercises such as the human flag, front lever, muscle ups, and one-arm pull-ups, among others (with ease). He’s also been sighted doing many calisthenics exercises using grown men and women for extra weight (more on that below).

Marcus can not only perform many superhuman feats of strength, which would be impressive at any age – let alone 50+ years – but he also has a knack for teaching others to do the same. Naturally, I wanted to pick his brain all about training, and he happily agreed.

So, I sent him a list of questions, and here’s what he sent back…

Stop Waiting To Be Ready Or You’ll Never Get Fit

15 Things That Elite Athletes and Fitness Superstars Don’t Wait For
woman walking

How do some people manage to get and stay in great shape, year round, with minimal effort, and still have a life?

One of the main reasons is because they stopped waiting to be ready. And if you want to achieve your ambitious fitness goals, you should stop waiting, too.

Stop waiting to be ready. Because if you can’t be ready now, you never will be.

Stop waiting for clarity. Get moving in the right direction and course-correct later.

Stop waiting until you feel like it. Your feelings shouldn’t be running the show.

The 90:10 Diet Rule and the Difference Between an A+ and a B+ Diet

How to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods in Moderation, Have a Normal Social Life, and Still Get the Nutrition You Need for Your Health and Fitness Goals


“I believe it’s healthier to be happy on a B+ diet than stressed out on an A+ diet.” – Matt Fitzgerald, Nutritionist and Endurance Coach

How is it that some people can just eat and eat and eat whatever they want and still stay healthy, lean, and fit? And how is it that many of the world’s longest living people are able to enjoy food and drink that isn’t healthy?

14 Kettlebells Compared: The Complete Kettlebell Review

14 Different Models From 9 Of The Top Kettlebell Brands: Which of These Pro-Grade, Competition-Style Kettlebells Is Right For You?

Kettlebell Review
These are all of the kettlebells that were evaluated for this review. My wife calls them my “children” because they’ve been multiplying.

If you’re in the market for a new kettlebell and you’re not sure which one would be best for your unique needs, goals, and budget, this review will help narrow down your options, and hopefully, help you choose just the right one.

In this kettlebell review, you’ll learn:

  • Which companies sell the highest quality kettlebells
  • Which companies sell the most budget-friendly kettlebells
  • Which companies sell the highest value kettlebells (i.e. the best for the money)
  • Which kettlebells are best for kettlebell athletes or those interested in competing in kettlebell sport
  • Which companies have the most customer-friendly policies and provide the best customer service experience


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