Planned Spontaneity: John's Training Journal Update from the Weekend

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3/6/2009 – 3/9/2009

I had a very active weekend, that was not altogether scheduled.

Friday – moderate intensity day:

15 lb clubbell combination routine:
swipe –> mill –> hammer swing –> change direction with hammer swing –> swipe –> mill –>> hammer swing (repeat for 15 minutes)

Rating Perceived Technique 8
Rating Perceived Exertion 6
Rating Perceived Discomfort 1

Post-clubbell BodyFlow Practice – most of the basic moves for 10 minutes.

Evening Prasara Yoga practice after some brief, impromptu wrestling sessions.

Saturday – high intensity day

It was a beautiful day, and I spent the first 90 minutes outside with my akita, Ronin. He dug holes in the snow, while I did a thorough full body joint mobility session in the sunshine for 45 minutes using the Intu-Flow program at mixed levels – mostly circles and infinities.

Following the mobility training, I performed 45 minutes of 15 lb clubbell training: focused on swipes, mills, hammer swings, arm circles, presses, casts, and others – also included yesterday’s combination routine throughout.

Brief afternoon two-handed clubbell training session with 45 lb clubbell – 15 minutes:
rock-its, swings, cleans to order, clockwork squats, swipes, and arm casts.

I did vibrations throughout, as per the RESET DVD program.

Late afternoon shooting practice – went to a local sandpit with some friends, shot a couple of Ruger .22 long rifles, a .308 remington bolt action rifle, a 9mm Smith and Wesson semi-auto, and a .357 revolver. Two hours of fun times!

Evening high intensity wrestling session with family – 30 minutes. At one point, it was 5 people against me!!! I got some rugburn, almost puked once, and successfully kept my socks on. This is how my family celebrates my brother’s homecoming from college…

We also played some other physical games that would be hard to describe – tests of skill and strength mostly. All in all, it was about 2 hours of physical activity in the evening with the fam.

Sunday – No Intensity Day, or so I thought

Various joint mobility exercises were performed throughout the day, but no scheduled session. Evening came, again with my family, and again everyone decided to gang up on “big brother” John. It was about an hour of on-off wrestling, me against everyone. I got my butt whooped, but it still takes 4 of them to bring me down!!!

I’m the oldest of 5 boys, in case you didn’t know. They are in this order:

1) John

2) The “sneak attacker,” who waits for the best opportunity and then strikes.

3) The guy who “plays it safe, but occasionally goes PSYCHO!” – this is the one who is home from college.

4) The “langler” monkey-boy who attacks from behind and doesn’t let go no matter what position of submission you have him in – the “other” athlete in the family.

5) The “tank” who takes great satisfaction in sitting on the loser while he’s pinned, randomly spanking people while they are helpless and laughing, and often throws dirty socks in their face.

We have a very close-knit family :)

After the wrestling bouts, we played some more physical games ranging from arm-wrestling, to handstand contests, to balance games, to “mercy” (after 15-20 minutes with fingers interlocked, I lost to the “sneak attacker” for the first time in history – great job, I’ll bring you some more weights to lift soon, lol – and we’ll have to do a rematch sometime sooner than later).

When I finally got home, I did some joint mobility exercises just to decompress the joints and help me sleep better – I knew it would pay off the next day.

Today, the day after all the mayhem, was supposed to be a low intensity day, but I’m taking another no-intensity day as yesterday was not as restful as I had expected. Tomorrow, I will resume with my scheduled low intensity day. Today involves a thorough, full-body joint mobility session and playing with the dog in the snow. Ronin needs some exercise before tonight’s training class.

What did you do over the weekend?

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional, CST Athlete, and Oldest of 5 boys

3 Responses

  1. Hi John,

    Recently stumbled across your blog and will be a regular as I start introducing clubbells into my kettlebell routines.

    Wanted to ask you about BodyFlow. Does it require a lot of space as the Prasara flows do? I have limited space and currently am practicing the Kettltbell Foundation Compensatory movements. They are stationary and allow me to practice in my small space.


  2. Hi Howie,

    Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy having KB athletes and instructors here. And good for you for getting certified through the IKFF, it’s a great organization with a strong mission. I think you’ll find the clubbell really benefits your KB training.

    How much space are we talking about here?

    Some of the exercises require more space than others, but you can do the majority of exercises in a very tight space. In general, if you have room for the Prasara material, you have enough room to do BodyFlow. I know some CST athletes only have space for two yoga mats placed together in their living room, and they do just fine.

    I’ve got floor space that’s about 6′ x 8′ in my living room, and I can do all but one exercise from the BodyFlow DVD in that area, and I’m 5’9″ tall.

    Obviously, having a lot of space is ideal because you can introduce the concept of “travel” during bodyflow. Trying to get to a distant destination using a specific chain of exercises is a unique challenge, but you can still enjoy most of the benefits with little space.

    Best regards,


    PS – I’d be happy to film a little BodyFlow tutorial using minimal space. Let me know how big of an area you have, and I’ll film a demo.

  3. Hey thanks John. My space is pretty much limited to a medium-sized throw rug, about 6’x4′. When I tried some Prasara I was constantly forced to reposition myself in between transitions which took away some of the intended fun. Any help is most appreciated!

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