Primal Food Video Montage: If you pay any attention to what you eat, watch this fantastic video montage that 'Pay Now, Live Later' put together all about FOOD

I found an excellent video about primal food – this is not just another youtube video, people! Methuselah created and posted this on his blog ‘Pay Now, Live Later.’ I’ll let it speak for itself. Here’s his post…

“It struck me the other day just how much time I spend telling people what I eat. Then there’s the inevitable discussion that follows, in which the usual questions are raised, to which I give the usual answers. And I thought – wouldn’t it be nice if there was a 5-minute video which covers all that stuff? So I created one. Once I got started, it became something of a labour of love. I hope you enjoy it – and that it might save you as much time as it will save me!

For maximum impact, I recommend playing it full screen…”

Primal Nutrition in a Nutshell

Primal food is naturally occurring on the earth – natural being the key word here. If it crawled, ran, swam, or flew at one point, it was primal food. If it could be gathered in the wild or harvested from the garden, it was primal food. While I wouldn’t go as far to say that primal food or the paleo diet are 100% the only way to eat, I think there is a TON of value in this pursuit and anyone can learn a lot about healthy eating by learning more about primal nutrition.

I also think it’s a silly idea that the earth is millions of years old, but I do agree that human genetics haven’t changed much, if at all, over the last several thousand years. We still need all the basic nutrients that our ancestors did.

What do you think of the video?

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional

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4 Responses

  1. Gillian Moore

    Cool video. I agree whole natural foods are they way forward. after all its what nature intended. But I tend to follow the 90:10 rule. I think you should be able to have treats 10% of the time if you eat natural foods 90% of the time. Also from the social aspect of food – ie parties, family events, holidays it def makes life a little easier. thanks for following me on twitter.

    ps i am looking forward to trying your egg recipe. looks delicious!

    luv gillo

  2. Hi Gillian,

    thanks for stopping by, and for following me on twitter!

    I also follow the 90:10 rule – it’s great to not feel guilty about rewarding yourself every now and then. Pizza is usually our escape from the norm – our 10% of noncompliance. I have noticed that the more natural, healthy foods that I eat, the less I crave unhealthy foods. Things that used to “call my name” at the grocery store or fast food restaurant, are completely out of my mind now. Eating healthier does get easier, it just takes a little persistence and a good cookbook.

    I’d rather eat something homemade than anything out at a restaurant because my wife and I have learned to make foods healthy and tasty – to the point where even restaurant quality food doesn’t compare.

    That egg recipe is SO good, enjoy!

  3. It is nice that someone takes the time to create things like this. I would have liked to see more info on ‘how’ to eat the appropriate foods (if there are any particular macronutrient breakdowns better than others), but this video is not really about that anyway.

    Nice work!

    Oh, I didn’t notice anything in the video about the age of the earth, so I am not sure what you are referring to. It did mention millions of years of evolution, but that is apart from the actual physical age of the planet. Is that what you meant?

    Thanks so much for posting this.


  4. Thanks for your note, T.M. I don’t cover much about nutrition here on my blog, since it is strength training related, but I do have a small nutrition section at the tab above that you can feel free to check out. You will see that I endorse Tom Venuto’s work, and I think his ebook Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle does the best job in explaining the different macronutrients and how to incorporate them into a balanced diet.

    I actually think the earth is around 6000 years old (rough estimate), but instead of debating creation vs. evolution, let’s keep the blog on the subject of health and fitness.

    Thanks again for your comment.


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