Pull-up and Chin-up Tips For Women: Interview with Shawna Kaminski

Stop Struggling Under the Bar and Learn How to Master the Pull-up and Chin-up Exercises From Pull-up Training Expert, Shawna Kaminski

Not too long ago, I bought a pull-up training program by a personal trainer named Shawna Kaminski. You see, a little birdy told me that Shawna had recently beat a famous fitness professional in a pull-up contest (a fairly fit young man, whom I will leave anonymous for his sense of dignity). If you know me, then you know that pull-up and chin-up training is an interest of mine, and truth be told, I wanted to learn some of her training secrets. Just what was she doing to be able to do so many pull-ups?

So, I bought her Challenge Workouts program and after taking a quick look at everything, I offered to interview her about her unique take on training – and it turned out great! Now, before we get to the interview, here’s a quick video of Shawna doing 20 pull-ups to put a face to the name…

I know, I know. I could nitpick on the technique a bit, too. But honestly, that’s some seriously impressive work for anyone – let alone a 49-year old woman! And honestly, I think she could have probably squeezed out a few more if she really tried.

Anyways, our interview went really well and she shared a bunch of gold nuggets of wisdom about pull-up and chin-up training, particularly for women. And trust me, gents, there is some good advice for ANYONE interested in upping their pull-up performance.

Here are some of the things we discussed…

  • How Shawna worked up to being able to do 32 pullups
  • Why mastering the pull-up could be the best thing you can do to empower yourself
  • How to work around the unique challenges that women face when training for the pull-up
  • The best assistance exercises to improve pull-up and chin-up performance
  • Shawna’s progression for someone who cannot do any pull-ups or chin-ups and wants to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced
  • Where to begin if you cannot do a single pullup
  • How to get into the right body position to maximize muscle recruitment and boost your pull-up numbers
  • Why scapular retraction could mean the difference between doing 2-3 pullups or 10+ pullups
  • What happens to your body once you can do a single pull-up and why it gets easier to build numbers once you achieve your first one
  • How to get strong and stay light
  • How the “workout finishers” strategy can help you boost your performance in ANY workout program and help you burn more fat and build more muscle
  • And much more!

So, that’s enough blabbing from yours truly. Click the play button to listen in…

Update: This interview is now only available as part of The Pull-up Solution package here: The Pull-up Solution.

Interview with Shawna Kaminski

*Mp3 audio file, approximate length is 47 minutes

More Information

For more information about Shawna and her system, check out the Challenge Workouts website here:

Click Here to Check Out the Challenge Workouts Program

Note: for the next few days, Shawna is offering her complete Challenge Workouts Program at a big discount. Plus, she’s also included some extra bonuses, too.

And before we finish up, I’d like to extend a BIG thank you to Shawna for taking the time to do this interview. It was a pleasure and I’d love to do it again sometime!

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  1. Stumbled over your site when looking for good instructions and cues for plank workouts.

    Like many women I still struggle with the push/ chin up. It’s interesting to see how Shawna approached the dreaded bar.

    Nice interview and cool site in general. Keep it up.

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