Quad Hop Burpee Exercise Instructions by Strength Coach John Sifferman

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I used the quad hop burpee exercise in yesterday’s Moderate Intensity Session (training journal here). One of my readers, Kevin, asked about the details of this burpee exercise, so I filmed a quick tutorial.

Quad Hop Burpee Exercise

A good indicator of your performance is how softly you engage the ground. Perfect technique will be nearly silent, and should involve very little impact at the joints. You should be springing off the ground much like jumping on a trampoline, and this should not fatigue you. If you cannot achieve this during your practice session, then you need to step back to a less sophisticated version.

Don’t increase your training effort until you can do this with nearly perfect technique and minimal (if any) discomfort. If you’re feeling any pain during the execution, don’t do this one.

Again, if you’re not already familiar and efficient with regular quad squats and quad hops, then I advise against trying this more sophisticated version. Practice the basic movements until you can perform them effortlessly, then move onto more advanced variations. You can learn the quad squat and quad hop (and their many variations) from several resources.

Learn 4 levels of difficulty from the Intu-Flow DVD Program

Learn 4 levels of difficulty as part of a complete workout from the FlowFit DVD Program

Learn the quad hop and how to link it together with other exercises to create chains (aka hybrid exercises) from the BodyFlow DVD Program.

Your Question of the Day is: are there any other exercises that you would like me to demo for you?

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  1. Kevin Lee Dougherty

    John, thank you, thank you, thank you. Ask….and you shall receive….
    On that note, I checked out all the bible verses you use at your signature at RMAX.

  2. Glad you liked it Kevin, it’s just a natural progression that grows out of the quad squat exercises. The body craves deeper sophistication.

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