Start the clock. No, seriously. Start the clock right now. Make a mental note of not only what time it is, but how you feel right now, because if you follow the program contained below from start to finish, then in a few minutes, you’re going to feel amazing, and you’re going to learn a lot of things you probably didn’t know about your body. You might even want to write some notes down.

Don’t believe me? Then prove me wrong. I’ve been practicing joint mobility training since 2006, and have used it daily since then. I’ve hired professionals to teach me this stuff. I’ve attended seminars. And I’ve studied every single educational resource about joint mobility training that I can get my hands on, and this one – THIS – is the best one. At least, out of everything I’ve found so far. And believe me, I’ve looked.

And truth be told, I like most of them. But nothing I’ve found is quite like this one. Now, it’s true that there is no such thing as a cure-all – no such thing as a miracle training method. And no, this won’t cook your breakfast for you, but joint mobility training can be used for so many different purposes because it helps the body in so many different ways.

If you want to strengthen your body, then joint mobility can help. If you’ve got aches and pains, then joint mobility can help. If you want to improve your performance in practically any physical activity, then joint mobility might be exactly what the doctor ordered – and you might even be shocked at how well it works (and how fast!). In fact, joint mobility training can be used for a wide variety of reasons, including:

-Healing Your Aches And Pains
-Preventing Injuries
-Improving Your Joints Range Of Motion
-Strengthening Your Whole Body
-Increasing Your Coordination
-Improving Your Health And Performance Potential
-And Many Other Things

It’s just a good training method that comes with a ton of unique benefits. Now, this isn’t the only kind of training I employ, of course. And there are all sorts of other valid, excellent training systems out there. But when it comes to joint mobility training, this is exactly where you should start. And luckily for you, there’s a complete joint mobility program for you to try out for free down below.

The Most Comprehensive Joint Mobility System Ever Created (free program below)

Below you’ll find a complete joint mobility training program, from head to toe, core to extremities. This is all taken from Scott Sonnon’s Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Program, and has been posted for free on Youtube. Now, I paid about $100 for the Intu-Flow package, and I’m not too keen on offering a program for free that many people pay a lot of money for, but since it’s available, I’m publishing it for my readers. I’m over it.

This is the full beginner program from Intu-Flow, and even though it merely covers the basic ranges, you will still experience some amazing results by following it from start to finish (even if you think you’re a mobility guru). Don’t let the relative simplicity of the movements fool you because you’ll probably find them more challenging than you’d think.

Also, keep in mind that even though you will receive many benefits from practicing the beginner-level routine, these exercises were designed to sophisticate into more advanced, coordinated movements. As you practice this, you will quickly realize that your body starts to crave more, and that’s when you’ll know it’s time to move on to more advanced training. It’s this very system and protocol that provides a foundation of joint mobility training that you can use for the rest of your life. In this sense, even the mastery-level program of Intu-Flow is only the beginning.

The Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Program: Beginner Level

Instructions: Below you’ll find six videos. The first two are introductory videos with instructions from Scott about how to make the most of the Intu-Flow program (runtime 12 minutes). Don’t skip these, as the instruction on how to perform the exercises is vital to your success. You want to learn how to do this kind of training the correct way right from the start. Ignoring the instructions means you’ll likely get sub-optimal results at best, and at worst, possibly even injure yourself. Don’t let that be you.

Note: if you don’t feel awesome after you’ve finished the routine, then you’re probably doing it wrong. You should feel a lot better after you’ve finished than when you first started.

The last four videos are follow-along clips of the actual exercises (runtime 28 minutes). Once you’ve memorized the routine, you can complete it in about 5-15 minutes depending on how many repetitions you perform for each movement. Please do go through the entire program at least once so you get the full scope of instructions.

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Introduction by Scott Sonnon (Part 1)

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Introduction by Scott Sonnon (Part 2)

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Exercises – neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists (Part 1)

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Exercises – arms, hands/fingers, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hipsĀ  (Part 2)

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Exercises – hips, knees, ankles, legs, plus the Four Corner Balance Drill (Part 3)

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Assistance Exercises

If you’d like to learn more about joint mobility training, the two packages below are your best options…

1) Joint Mobility Super-Package (Digital/Downloadable Collection – $54.95) – This is quite simply the best collection of joint mobility training resources currently available, and at a seriously reduced rate (75% off for a limited time). It includes the full Intu-Flow program (all four levels), the Ageless Mobility Program, the Free to Move book, the BodyFlow book and accompanying Bodyflow video library. If you don’t mind buying a digital product, then this is absolutely the best option and will teach you practically everything you need to know about joint mobility training. Grab it while it’s still available.


2) Intu-Flow Basic Package (2 DVD Set – $49.95) – If you don’t want a digital product, then the Intu-Flow basic package is a great place to start. You’ll get all four levels of the Intu-Flow program, providing you with an encyclopedia for joint mobility exercise that you can use for the rest of your life.

Or, you can search the Archives to learn more about joint mobility training. There are lot’s of articles and videos on that topic.