Tom Venuto - Nutrition Expert
Tom Venuto - Nutrition Expert

This is a training-related website, but everyone who has their head screwed on right knows that your training performance is dependent on the fuel you provide for your body. The only way to maximize your performance is to eat a healthy, nutritious, and tasty diet that is working FOR your goals, not against them. I won’t pretend to be a nutrition or food expert, and I’ll gladly refer you to whom I go to for advice.

Tom Venuto is by far one of the most respected nutrition experts in the world, with a specialty in health-first nutrition for the purpose of changing your body composition. Tom is a lifetime, natural bodybuilder, and is one of the best people to go to for advice about dropping bodyfat and packing on muscle. It’s no surprise that Tom’s program Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is the Internets #1 Best Selling Diet and Nutrition program since 2003, and that it has helped tens of thousands of people reach their fitness goals.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is my nutrition resource of choice. Read the official review here:

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