Right Here, Right Now, This is Your Opportunity to Get the Body of Your Dreams – Enter the Real Time Physique Transformation Contest and get a Chance at an Amazing Prize Package, not to mention the Summer Body of Your Dreams – Deadline in 3 Days! Register before Thursday 11:59pm

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*The deadline for entering the contest is finished, but you can still take advantage of this generous offer from Adam Waters.

In a few days, the Real Time Physique (RTP) Body Tranformation Challenge will officially begin (May 1st, 2009). This is a completely new body transformation contest that the world has never seen before, and there are two powerful reasons why. First, it’s because no internet-based body transformation challenge has ever given away such an amazing prize package to the winners. Picture in your mind… flying to New York and staying in a 5 star hotel –  awakening to lower Manhattan as the eastern sun rises over the Atlantic ocean.  You’ll be escorted to a “VIP” high class gym to train with 2 world-famous fitness celebrities. After you’ve had your share of fun, you will finish the day with a Broadway show after a private dinner. Did I mention the $500 cash prize money?

The second reason this body transformation challenge is unique is because there has never been one that is based on accountability. Social support is a major secret to compliance in a fitness program, and that’s exactly what this event capitalizes on. If you have ever tried to transform your body in the past with less-than-satisfying results, then the social support factor that comes from accountability will be the motivational push that makes all the difference this time – helping you to “get out of your own way” and claim the summer body of your dreams.

Here’s the skinny…

Adam Waters, a Fitness Professional from Australia has researched, practiced, and developed this concept of implementing “real-time accountability” into a body transformation system. Adams reputation precedes him as one of the worlds greatest accountability and success coaches, and is one of the worlds most widespread fitness blogger’s on the internet. Adam’s work has been published in Men’s Fitness, USA and Men’s Fitness Australian editions.

An interesting twist is that my friend, Tom Venuto is co-sponsoring the RTP challenge. In the world of changing physiques through diet, nutrition, and body transformations, Tom Venuto is among one of the top experts in the world. He’s not only my go-to expert for everything nutrition, bodybuilding, and killer physique-based training, he’s also someone that I’ve enjoyed personally working with for the last couple of years. Tom is known for his ability to translate research journal jargon into real world practical advice for those of us who don’t have PhD’s. He’s also the author of the Internets best selling diet/nutrition program in history called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (where I work as the manager) and the founder of the Internets largest fat loss support community, the Burn the Fat: Inner Circle (where I work as a contributor and forum moderator).

I can’t think of anyone more qualified than these two to be heading up a Real Time Physique Body Tranformation Challenge.

After announcing the fitness challenge last week, Tom and Adam have released the transformation challenge trailer (movie)…

Watch the trailer below and find out how this accountability-based body transformation challenge could transform your body in the next 84 days…

The deadline to register for the RTP transformation challenge is this Thursday at 11:59pm EST (less than 3 days!). Nobody will be allowed in after that date since the contest starts May 1. To learn more about the RTP transformation challenge, visit:


To learn more about how an accountability-based body transformation competition can help you get more motivated to transform your body than ever before in your life, be sure to check out Adam’s personal body transformation and the many testimonials on this page:

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