Squat and Pushup Circuit Training with John Sifferman

Squats and pushups are what I like to call big bang, or money-maker exercises. Both of these bodyweight exercises cover a large area of the body since they are compound exercises. I like to combine bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups into a circuit, doing one exercise after the other with little to no rest. It offers great strength training benefits, but it also supercharges your metabolism. This is why circuit training is often called “metabolic conditioning.”

Here is an example of just that.

Squat and Pushup Circuit Training

So, the progression is…

Repeat 1-10x, rest 30-60 seconds at the end of each circuit, if necessary
Regular Pushup
Forward Lunging Pushup
Right/Left wide pushups
Advanced Right/Left Elbow rotation pushup

If you plug this into your training program 2-3 times per week, you will have much better pressing strength in 4-6 weeks of practice.

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