The Complete TACFIT Commando Review

How to Get a Commando Body Without Ever Going to the Gym

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Body by TACFIT Commando
Body by TACFIT Commando

Today, conditioning coaches to the elite Special Forces groups around the world are shaking their heads at fitness trainers who earn fortunes by regurgitating cookie-cutter exercise programs for all of their mis-informed clients. And today, these elite coaches are finally revealing the simple proven system for real life functional fitness that no one else will tell you about.

Professional fighter, MMA conditioning coach, and creator of the Circular Strength Training system, Scott Sonnon, has teamed up with Ryan Murdock to teach you how to build go-muscle (not show muscle), burn off body fat, super-charge your metabolism, and do so while practicing the highest level tactical fitness program ever devised. Discover how they’ve taught thousands of people to build combat-ready, commando-like physiques faster than they ever thought possible.

Even if you are not in the military, even if you’re not as fit as the “elite,” even if you have less-than-average genetics, and even if you don’t have a gym membership or a home gym to train in…

You’re about to discover what might be the most effective bodyweight conditioning system ever developed. It’s the same system that elite Special Forces groups around the world are using to build hard bodies and the functional fitness that goes with them.

If you’d like to learn how to lose bodyfat, build muscle, and vastly improve your conditioning, then you absolutely must check out TACFIT Commando:

I know what you’re thinking… Commando? Tactical fitness? Is this really relevant to ME???

100% YES!

You see, TACFIT Commando isn’t being released to the public just so that our servicemen have yet another way to gain access to cutting-edge workout programs. TACFIT Commando is being released to the public because it was meant specifically FOR the public. That’s right, people like you and I.

It’s true, the term Commando does seem a little cheesy unless you’re into that hardcore mentality, and I do feel that sometimes the marketing goes a little over the top, but there’s a reason for that. TACFIT works. It works very well, in fact. I’ve used it, and know many people personally who swear by its effectiveness for achieving
common fitness goals. Nobody is debating that it works better than practically any other functional fitness program available.

But there’s something about it that makes it very unique. Not only does it require absolutely no equipment at all, which is amazing since it literally requires no further investment (it works right out of the box, actually a download, so you get it instantly – you don’t even have to wait for shipping), but TACFIT Commando is unique in that it is currently used by the Israeli counter-terrorism and secret services, American special ops personnel, Italian bodyguards to the Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and even professional MMA fighters.

These are the people whom not only are required to be in the best physical shape for their jobs, they’re also the very same people who have access to the latest and greatest resources to meet their basic needs – including their fitness and conditioning needs.

That’s exactly why TACFIT is so unique, because it best serves the needs for those who truly need it most. Given that it works so well, and that’s it’s currently being used by our elite servicemen, there’s something you should probably know – a disclaimer of sorts.

It’s not for everyone, and I mean that – it might not be right for you. I’ve tested the program extensively, and I can tell you with no uncertainty that this is one of the most difficult training program’s I’ve ever encountered. I would wager that 75% of my readers have not trained with an intensity that TACFIT not only depends on, but thrives on.

I don’t say this to puff it up and make it look all tough and hardcore. I’m saying it to warn you. In the same breath, I don’t say this to scare you or deter you from trying it out, only to let you know that it’s not a sissy system for wannabes.

When you get down to it, it’s not a flashy fitness program – it’s very hard work that requires dedication and discipline to truly benefit from. When you take away the catchy intro music and the cool graphics, what’s left is a pile of sweat, some fatigue, and an undeniable knowledge that you’ve done something wonderful for yourself.

If you are familiar with Circular Strength Training, you’ll know right away that not only will this program work, but you’ll leave a TACFIT session feeling better and more energized than you were going into it – even though the workout was exhausting and challenging. Despite facing fatigue head-on, you’ll also experience second wind (aka flowstate) if you follow the program as outlined.

One of the best things about TACFIT is its scalability. Anyone, regardless of fitness level, can begin a TACFIT Commando program because it has difficulty levels directly programmed into it. So, even though it can be brutally hard, the beginner level (recruit) routine will work for anyone who is healthy enough to exercise.

Which leads me to my last point. It sounds too good to be true, and the package that Scott and Ryan are offering truly is outstanding. These guys are in the habit of over-delivering when they release something to the public, and this is no different.

Now, I want you to go check out the TACFIT Commando package that is finally available for sale. Consider this a very strong recommendation. I would hope that all of my readers would benefit from using this program if it’s aligned with their goals.

And I assure you, much of what you’ll find in TACFIT Commando will be brand new to you – never-before-seen methods for functional fitness. You’d be hard pressed to find a program this original and innovative, and especially at such a low cost.

Now, stop reading and go check it out immediately – that’s an order!

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To your health and success,

Fitness Professional

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