Review of the Xero Shoes Huarache-Style Minimalist Sandals (aka Invisible Shoes)

A Comprehensive Product Review of the Xero Shoes Minimalist Footwear for (Almost) Barefoot Running, Walking, Hiking, Yoga, and More! (aka “Invisible Shoes”) Note: Xero Shoes were formerly branded as Invisible Shoes. The product is one and the same, but you … Continued

The Minimalist Footwear PRIMER Featuring The “Man Of Many Shoes”

Interview with Damien Tougas About All-Things Minimalist Footwear You know it’s a good day when you open your email inbox to find an interview that you’ve been waiting for nearly a month to get back, and that it was more … Continued

Learn the Skill of Barefoot Running

Plus Follow-up From Barefoot Ken Bob’s Running Workshop Our culture has made a mess of running. You’d think a simple, pleasurable physical activity wouldn’t produce widespread problems, but we’ve butchered running to the point of near death with it having … Continued