5 Steps to Master the Front Spinal Wave Exercise

Note from John: I’ve got a lot of articles half-written, and just haven’t had the time to finish them. I decided to shoot a quick instructional video to hold you over while I’m moving my family across town this week. … Continued

John's Training Journal Update – Clubbell Practice and Test Day

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3/23/09 – Clubbell Practice and Test Day I spent some time today practicing with my 15 lb clubbells, doing swipes and mills mostly – not pushing into exertion. My milling is virtually effortless, which I attribute to regular practice and … Continued

Quad Hop Burpee Exercise Instructions by Strength Coach John Sifferman

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I used the quad hop burpee exercise in yesterday’s Moderate Intensity Session (training journal here). One of my readers, Kevin, asked about the details of this burpee exercise, so I filmed a quick tutorial. Quad Hop Burpee Exercise

What is the difference between FlowFit and BodyFlow? Tuesday Q+A with John Sifferman

Note: BodyFlow is no longer available. It has been superseded by the Tactical Gymnastics Program. QUESTION: john great info… thank you my question… would like to purchase the flowfit series or the body-flow series… what is the difference ? what … Continued