Interview with Coaches Steer & Murdock About Bodyweight Burn

Learn How To Leverage Bodyweight Training To Burn Fat And Get Lean At Home In This Insightful Interview With The Bodyweight Coaches, Adam Steer And Ryan Murdock Note: make sure you check out both the Giveaway details and the Special … Continued

Replace 10 lbs of Fat with 10 lbs of Lean Muscle in 4 Weeks using this Simple Workout Program

A Complete Bodyweight Workout Program to Help You Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Get Stronger In Less Than One Month (Zero Equipment Required) If you want to build a foundation of total body strength by strengthening your legs, core, and … Continued

The Scorpion Bodyweight Exercise Tutorial

There’s nothing quite like embodying the movement qualities of a┬ávenomous, stinger-whipping arachnid. Maybe it’s the ability to strike at a moments notice, or the cool feeling you get from rapidly redirecting your limbs in a coordinated, yet unpredictable manner. Then … Continued

The Shapeshifter Body Redesign Program – Complete Review

The Shapeshifter Body Redesign Program is a plug-and-play, follow-along bodyweight training program that integrates a broad range of workout, diet, and lifestyle training methods into one comprehensive system to help you transform your body in six weeks. Note: be sure … Continued

Shapeshifter Body Redesign Program – Sample Workout

Note: the full Shapeshifter Body Redesign Program will go on sale tomorrow, June 21, 2011 (official launch day). I’ve got my product review mostly written already, and will have it published by midnight tonight – promise! It looks like a … Continued