The BodyFat Solution is Coming: check out what just arrived in the mail the other day

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I always love getting packages in the mail, even when I already know what is coming. This time, I had a good feeling that I would be getting a copy of Tom Venuto’s best-selling book, but I couldn’t be sure. … Continued

5 Things You Need to do to Stay Strong for Life by John Sifferman

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I love lists – they’re concise and easy to remember.  They give you a good grasp of a subject without requiring you to read a book or a boring research paper.  More importantly, lists give you a look at the … Continued

Strength Training Principles to Live By: You won’t hear this from most coaches, trainers, or even your doctor!

If I could teach you one thing it is that you ARE strong and you DO know what is best for your health. This advice will echo throughout all of the Real World Strength Training themes, principles, and articles. You … Continued

Welcome to my Physical Living Site

You’re here because you want the latest information regarding physical living, nutrition, lifestyle design, strength training and more. Here at Physical Living, we have a health-first perspective on fitness and athleticism.  We know that strength is a skill that anyone … Continued