The Elbow Plank VS Pushup-Position Plank

QUESTION: John, what is your recommendation and/or can you explain the different benefits of the high plank vs. the plank while on elbows? The Elbow Plank VS Top-of-Pushup-Position Plank ANSWER: The high plank, also known as the “top-of-pushup position,” is … Continued

The 5 Minute Plank For Core Strength, Stability, and Rock-Hard Abs

So, there’s a little story behind this one. I spend a lot of time helping beginner and seasoned trainee’s with their questions about health, fitness, and training at the Burn The Fat: Inner Circle fat loss support community. I’ve been … Continued

Beginner Level Core Strengthening Exercises: Q+A

Dr. Dean Goodman, a practicing chiropractor (website here), asked me: “I would like to share your core strength video with my patients….many of whom would be quite challenged simply by 15 seconds in plank. Do you have any standing core … Continued

Core Strengthening Exercises: sophisticated ab crunches in the video series about the best strengthening exercises for your abs and core muscles by John Sifferman

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In part 1 and part 2 of this series, I covered plank and rotation exercises. In this video, we are going to go over something a little more familiar – the more traditional ab exercise, the abdominal crunch. I’m going … Continued

Core Strengthening Exercises: Rotation – Video Series About The Best Strengthening Exercises for Your Abs and Core Muscles by John Sifferman

Last week, I posted the first video in our core strengthening exercises series. If you missed it, check it out here. Today’s core strengthening exercise video is all about training rotational movements. The first thing that may come to mind … Continued

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