This Workout is not CRAZY, INSANE, or EXTREME… but it works.

You know, lately, I’ve seen a lot of wacky workouts with sensationalistic themes or titles. Things like… The EXTREME Pec-Punisher Workout! The INSANE Home Workout That Will Set Your Body Fat on Fire! The Ab-Annihilator That Will Drive You CRAZY … Continued

4-week Sample Free Weight Training Program for Your Strength Training Home Workout Routine – by John Sifferman

Free Weight Training Program Paired with the correct nutrition and lifestyle strategies, this program can be used for fat loss and muscle building goals, or for general conditioning. This program will require a gym membership. As with all general programs, … Continued

Real World Strength Training Quick Workout Routine – the Bare Essentials Bodyweight Strength Training Circuit – by John Sifferman

Sometimes, we just need a simple and quick strength training workout routine.  That’s when bodyweight exercise programs come in. This circuit is guaranteed to give you both strength training and cardio benefits, while scorching your metabolism into fat burning mode. … Continued

Welcome to my Physical Living Site

You’re here because you want the latest information regarding physical living, nutrition, lifestyle design, strength training and more. Here at Physical Living, we have a health-first perspective on fitness and athleticism.  We know that strength is a skill that anyone … Continued