My Holiday Fitness Challenge to You: Guest article by Tom Venuto

**article below** Most people spend their time worrying about the impending weight gain with the approaching holidays, rather than planning how to be in better shape after the holidays. If you’re the type who doesn’t take no for an answer … Continued

Listen to Maintainers, Not to Losers: 5 secrets to keeping the weight off for good – Guest Article from Tom Venuto

I have very little interest these days in all the media-hyped stories of dramatic, rapid losses of body weight. “Big losers” don’t impress me, for numerous reasons. For example, weight is not fat. “Weight” could be composed of mostly lean … Continued

Review of the Burn the Fat: Inner Circle: the Internet's Premiere Fat Loss Support Community

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, because frankly, there is so much I could talk about regarding the Inner Circle. If you need to lose weight, or more specifically, lose FAT permanently and naturally, or if you’re … Continued