500+ lb Man Well On His Way To Completing a 5K Race Every Month This Year

Meet Derek Mitchell: The 570 Pound Man Who Put a Stake in the Ground to Finally Start Losing Weight, Quit His Soda Addiction, Started Eating Healthier, Finished His First 5k in Dead Last and Then Made a Commitment to Run … Continued

5 Great Home Gym Setups That Cost Less Than Your Gym Membership

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What If You Canceled Your Gym Membership And Used The Money For A New Home Gym? As of last week, the average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58 per month according to Statistic Brain. And a Google search … Continued

On Inversions and the Big Picture of Pursuing Health and Fitness

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Note: you will receive 10 Siffer-points if you read this article while you’re upside down. I read an article this morning by yoga instructor, Rachel Hector, on the value of doing inversions (e.g. handstands, or any other exercise/movement/pose where you’re … Continued

3 Tips to Help Skinny Runners Build Lean Muscle

The 3 Muscle Building Essentials To Help Skinny Runners Gain Lean Mass Without Bulking Up or Slowing Down So, you’re a runner and you want to build some muscle, but you don’t want to end up looking like the Incredible … Continued

How to Actually Get the Body of a Spartan Warrior

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7 Simple Steps to Get the Body of an Ancient Spartan Warrior Ever since the movie 300 came out, I’ve run across a lot of resources on how to become a Spartan warrior. Since then, there have been many popular … Continued

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