Introducing Recuper8: Prevent Pain and Injury by Restoring Mobility With This FREE Program

Not too long ago, one of my coaches, Scott Sonnon, released a free fitness program called Recuper8 that was designed to prevent and alleviate the aches, pains, and injuries that are suffered by those in service-related vocations: military personnel, law … Continued

Heal Your Aches and Pains and Prevent Injuries with this Joint Mobility Super-Package (3 Days Only)

There is one thing, and one thing only, that I can point to with 100% confidence and say that everyone – yes, everyone – would benefit from including in their physical practice – whether as part of an exercise program … Continued

Interview With Scott Sonnon About TACGYM

TACGYM is a program that I’ve been eagerly awaiting since I first started practicing biomechanical exercises (aka basic acrobatics) from the BodyFlow system back in 2006. Yep, that’s before TACGYM was even a thought. I guess my wish is coming … Continued

Interview with Scott Sonnon about TACFIT – The Premier “Tactical Fitness” System

Tactical Fitness is the next evolution in physical training for the fitness industry. In a nutshell, tactical fitness makes every element of a training program relevant to the needs and goals of the practitioner. It incorporates everything that is necessary, … Continued

TACFIT Commando 2.0 Just Released Today and 51% off until Thursday

This is an announcement about a special event that is happening this week. The TACFIT Commando bodyweight conditioning program has been revised and updated and is now TACFIT Commando 2.0. During this weeks 3-day re-launch, the full program will be … Continued

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