5 Simple Exercises to Reverse the Damage from Sitting in Only 5 Minutes a Day

5 Unconventional Exercises to Counter-Act the Negative Effects of Excessive Sitting and Get Un-chair Shaped (a Simple, Step-by-Step Exercise Routine for all Skill Levels) Note: This week, I’m hosting a series where I will be publishing one post each day … Continued

How Sitting is Killing You and What to do About it

Thanks to Chris at Conditioning Research for bringing this to my attention. The dangers associated with prolonged sitting is an important subject that we should not overlook. It was discussed here on Physical Living in an article from early 2010: … Continued

Too Much Sitting = Too Bad For Your Health

I’d like to say that I’m bringing you a nice, refreshing article about how we as a physically-cultured society are moving forward to greater heights in health and fitness. I wish that I could say we’ve made excellent progress to … Continued