Specificity in Training – How much carry-over does weight lifting have in real life? Will your time under the iron help you on the field, on the mat, or in the ring?

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I have read numerous studies that have concluded that specific weight lifting activities have very little, if any, carry-over to athletic activities. It sounds crazy, I know. Believe me, I was pretty skeptical when I started reading these research abstracts … Continued

Clubbell: a Review about Modern Indian Clubs by John Sifferman

Note: This Clubbell Review was Majorly Updated Here: http://physicalliving.com/clubbell-review/ Maybe you’ve seen me swinging some “weighted bats” in some of my videos. Or, maybe you’ve never even heard of a clubbell before. Watch this video to find out what a … Continued

Review of Be Breathed with Scott Sonnon: Review by John Sifferman

In order for me to write a review, a product has to really impress me. I try out too many products, programs, and read too many books to review them all – so I only write reviews for products that … Continued

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